Trump Makes Disturbing Connection: Racists and Climate Deniers

March 15, 2016

Know Your Meme:
Godwin’s Law is an internet adage that is derived from one of the earliest bits of Usenet wisdoms, which goes “if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.”

When I first named this blog and the eponymous  video series, I was told not to use “denier” in referring to climate deniers – because the connection to Neo-nazi holocaust denial might upset someone.  Now of course, everyone uses the D-word, because experience shows  – it fits.

“Real” journalists are well trained to ignore this particular gorilla, but I’ve made the point many times that there is a large cross over between climate deniers and racists. One thing we can thank Donald Trump for is making that very, very, clear.

I report. You decide:



The well known Climate denier who calls himself “Steven Goddard” is a rabid Trump supporter.






Here, examination of climate denier Ted Cruz’s admiration for Jesse Helms, one of the 20th century’s greatest champions of segregation and racism.


Below, Colin  Powell urges the GOP to knock off both racism and climate denial.

When I attended the Heartland Climate Denial conference in 2012, Lord Monckton, still in his heyday, made birtherism a major focus of his presentation, the crowd, including a prominent GOP congressman, cheered wildly. (about 4 minutes in)


UPDATE: I’d be remiss if i did not include Samantha Bee’s commentary on Ted Cruz, and the circle of homophobes he surrounds himself with.


17 Responses to “Trump Makes Disturbing Connection: Racists and Climate Deniers”

  1. Gary Evans Says:

    Oh boy. This is turning out to be one sick world we’re living in.

    I figure that Trump is symptomatic of the decline of democracy within the USA and beyond. I live in Germany where we are seeing the rise of the far right. I find it shocking to see how ignorant white people are promoting fear and hate here.

    To me it looks like the best of times are now history. When the Berlin Wall fell we had the chance to build a new world order, but we blew it. Now we have little option other than to look on as the politics of hate and fear take over.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Here’s Rachel Maddow doing her usual excellent reporting and analysis. A nauseating compilation of Trump abominations beginning just before the 4 minute mark.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Here’s a great video that has been banned for classroom use in Henrico County VA by a conservative school board that is dominated by Repugnants. A young Donald Trump was the model for the most successful runner in the video, and it illustrates very well why someone like him has “risen to the top” in our society (which in his case means being the biggest and most repulsive turd floating in the toilet bowl).

  4. You guys. Have no fear about Trump, he is unelectable, just like Ross Perot was in 1992. So is Bernie, and technically, so is Hillary* (with her asterisk* problem that even Jorge Ramos now mentions about her staring down the howitzer barrel of an indictment)

    But even if Trump gets elected, so what? Rummage around enough right-wing sites / talk radio shows, and you’ll soon see just how much the GOP establishment dislikes the guy, so if he does get elected, he’ll be pretty much as ineffective as Jimmy Carter was. Remember, the Dems didn’t care for Carter all that much back then, ‘dumb peanut farmer outsider’ that he was (ignoring his nuclear engineering expertise, of course), low information primary voters put him in instead of the proper candidate, Ted Kennedy.

    On Trump’s ‘AGW as a Chinese hoax’, I have no idea where that comes from. His failure to mention skeptic climate reports could be a good indication he isn’t especially bright.

    Meanwhile, the collective lot of AGW is kept alive in zombie-like fashion because of the enslavement to the “denier” label, but your goose is cooked the moment the greater public discovers how painfully simplistic and misleading it is. Dr Spencer mentions how he’s never met a denier in just the first sentence of his latest blog: If y’all still don’t know why he says that, ya don’t know squat what skeptic climate scientists & skeptic speakers say across the board.

    But don’t forget who the real climate change ‘deniers’ are here, those who favor a static climate set at a level 150 years back. Then have a look at this classic video exchange between Harry Alford and Barbara Boxer, and you see just who pulls the race card in AGW.

    Are all AGW believers just like the “dumb old guy” commenter here, enslaved to bizarre out-of-the-blue conspiracy theory speculation? Don’t be ridiculous. Are all Trump followers Nazi skinhead lunatics? Again, don’t be ridiculous. Does Bernie / Trump tap into undercurrents about Wall Street shenanigans / mainstream media malfeasance? Yes they do, hence the big followings that tend to overlook crippling faults. Deal with it, but just remember, every generalization is false, including this one. (favorite old bumpersticker slogan of mine)

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Russell maunders on yet again to some obscure purpose. Just more of his attempts to confuse and distract us from the truth of AGW and the existence of denier whores like him and Spencer. Booooooring—-ZZZZZZzzzzzzz…..!!!

      • Nossir. I just undercut everything you believe in, and predictably enough, you can’t lift a finger to dispute a word I said. Hilarious thing about what I do, it is exactly what you can do on your own, instead of believing without question in everything spoonfed to you. That’s the killer here, you are petrified of doing your own due diligence about industry funding of skeptics because it has every potential in the world of torpedoing all you believe in. But think positive, friend, you could end up thanking me from freeing you to enslavement to an ideology that’s making you miserable for no good reason. Imagine no more nightmares of being inundated by rising seas, endless hurricanes and rampaging tornadoes. Imagine all the good you can accomplish in fighting genuine environmental concerns, since you wouldn’t be shackled to AGW anymore.

      • Hardly. Try slogging through a presentation by Oreskes or John Mashey. Tedious as that may be, I still find gems in their stuff. Funny thing here, I have no fear of diving into AGW material across the board, but you fellows are frightened to death to dive into my work, or even to ask basic devil’s advocate questions about what you believe in. Remember, y’all beg for RICO-style prosecution of skeptics because you BELIEVE there is evidence to back it up. I beg for RICO-style prosecution of skeptics because I KNOW exactly where it all goes down in flames.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Sorry, Russell, but East Coast got it right.

          word salad, n.

          “…a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia”

          “…most often used to describe a symptom of a neurological or mental disorder. The words may or may not be grammatically correct, but are semantically confused to the point that the listener cannot extract any meaning from them”.

  5. dumboldguy Says:

    Another nice video that connects racism and wealth and income inequality, with the connection they have to the Repugnant’s use of “dog whistles” (which Trump excels at). It’s not hard to follow the connection on to climate deniers.

  6. Tom Bates Says:

    This far out piece of trash distortion labeled journalism really belongs in a high school class, not something from an adult. The attempts to distort reality by connecting Trump with Hitler and climate denial is pure BS.

    Some of the people, very few who show up at Trump rallies are scum, similiar left wing types show up at Sanders rallies. Hillary just attracts the thugs. What attracts most people to Sanders and Trump is the same. People are fed up with the lies and distortions of the Hillary types and want real change. Sanders and Trump have different views on how to change the country for the better and so do their followers.

    Trump is no fan of AGW like a lot of people because the science does not support the claims. The RSS is stable, UAH is the same, STAR is cooling, Ratpac is about the same for 58 years, Giss and Hadcrut show surface warming after they estimate at least 66 percent of the data upward from actual. Warming is occuring because of changes in earths tilt and orbit as NASA points out, warming for the next 25000 years. CO2 warming has actually been measured, .08F increase from 2000 to 2010, double the CO2 increase and the warming would be .0848F from 2000. It will be a long long long time before CO2 warms the world to what it was in 1000 AD when Greenland was warm enough to be settled by the viking and trees grew in Alaska where a glazier now sits.

    • It would be a welcome relief if you were correct

      Pity for all of us you are not. if that fact ever dawns on you who will you blame. ?, yourself. ?

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      It will be a long long long time before CO2 warms the world to what it was in 1000 AD when Greenland was warm enough to be settled by the viking and trees grew in Alaska where a glazier now sits.

      Ejaculated some troll. Got news for you bud , but Peter has added this to his articles too so go look there and look:
      “Graphs of the Day: Warm Arctic, Low Ice”.

      I think Edgar Allan is having a punt.

  7. Trump is showering his favored audience with love and encouragement, shamelessly manipulating the putty heads of the nation, of which there is a great abundance. People so want to be loved by the tribe that the simpler ones will hate on command, like storm troopers. People nearly all want security and freedom from uncertainty so the dumber ones flock to their loving authority figure. People nearly all want to belong, so they join the Trump Micky Mouse Club, even though their sub-tribe is liable to be the next paving stone that the Trump Juggernaut rides over. Meanwhile, the leader of Tribe Trump is carefully testing his limits each day. His Tribal power is supported by artful manipulation of people, but he also claims authority from tribal science, which endlessly repeats total bullshit, and is one of his weakest links. Because Tribe Trump is based on the base and the primitive , there is no recognition of science as a real , valid, and powerful entity. My prediction is that Tribe Trump is going to get badly thumped in the months ahead, but expect an interesting ride getting there.

  8. […] pointed out the correlation between climate denial and racism a number of times. That’s not the only bigotry that seems […]

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