Miami Mayor Pleads with Rubio on Climate

March 14, 2016

Florida mayors calling for a life ring in climate caused rising seas.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio just threw them an anchor.

Raw Story:

Tomas Regalado, the Republican mayor of Miami, has endorsed Rubio but via the debate’s host Jake Tapper he questioned whether the senator accepted the mainstream scientific position on climate change and his commitment to combat the problem.

Rubio said Regalado is a “great mayor and a good friend” but said that any laws to reduce emissions would drive up power bills in Miami and cause the mayor a political headache.

Philip Levine, mayor of neighboring Miami Beach, said Rubio was “100 percent using the language of a climate change denier” and has overlooked the escalating problem of sea level increases for south Florida.

Miami Beach has already spent $100 million on new sea defenses to curb the regular flooding of its western half. Sea levels are expected to rise in south-east Florida by six to 10 inches by 2030, with ever increasing levels throughout the century unless greenhouse gases are severely cut. These increases risk inundating large areas of the region, with 2.4 million people living within 4ft of the local high tide line.

“Unfortunately, Senator Rubio went to his usual talking points, fed to him by his donors in the sugar and energy industry,” said Levine. “According to him, America shouldn’t be a leader in the greatest challenge of our generation. If he were around during World War II, he’d want us to sit on the sidelines and leave Britain to its fate.

“He made the amazing statement that America is not a planet. I’m sure he had to go onto Wikipedia to get that information. He said he’s all for making cities resilient but he’s done absolutely nothing as a US senator for us, he’s never come to Miami Beach to meet with us. The only time he comes down here is for a fundraiser.”

My Miami video below:


22 Responses to “Miami Mayor Pleads with Rubio on Climate”

  1. Lionel Smith Says:

    Who are those bozos that cheer and clap Rubio’s nonsensical statements which do not even get close to answering the question posed? Can Rubio be un-endorsed by Tomas Regalado for this piece of crass evasion?

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Lord love a duck!!!

    It is quite painful to watch Marco Robotio’s eyes dart around as his programmed brain searches for the moronic sound bites that his handlers have had him memorize in place of real understanding of AGW or programs of ANY kind. He is a panderer, plain and simple, and the cheers and applause he gets for his pandering are from people with brains as handicapped as his.

    I often use the phrase “All hat, no cattle” to describe people like Robotio, but he now stretches its meaning beyond the breaking point—-he lives in a hat that is so big the brim rests on the ground and two families of illegal immigrants could fit in there with him. Also, Robotio doesn’t even know what “cattle” are.

    It’s good that he will be gone from the campaign after he loses FL to Trump next week—his original appeal to some Repugnant voters has been destroyed by his inability to stop tying “anchors” around his own neck. Good riddance.

  3. Dan Smith Says:

    Zero of the republican candidates believe that AGW is even a real phenomenon. The power of economics is winning. Denialism is the junky in the dark reaching around for another needle, ignorant of the encompassing reality. Ted Cruz is a Harvard graduate, the evidence is blatant, yet he pulls up an 18-year chart to disprove a well-understood state of the globe, which of course disproves nothing. I would feel better if he was just ignorant, but the thoughtful disregard for evidence is evil in such another way. I think Rubio might just be ignorant though… can’t tell for sure.

    • Tom Bates Says:

      Lets look at Obama, he is buying a beach front house in Hawaii. I am pretty sure he does not believe that AGW is going to cause a 6 feet rise in the oceans as alleged in one of the newer studies of doom and gloom. Hillary flies from place to place in a private jet dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Al Gore also flies places in a private jet when not slumming in first class so does not believe CO2 emission really are harming the environment. Perhaps he read a study on what the CO2 rise is actually doing to the environment as opposed to the climate models. The warming effect from 2000 to 2010, from the increased CO2 of about 16 ppm was 2/10’s of a watt or .08F. Since doubling that to 32 ppm will only increase warming 6 percent the warming at that point since 2000 will be .0848F. It will be a long long long time before the world actually warms from CO2. It is actually warming per NASA from changes in earths tilt and orbit, and will be warming for the next 25,000 years. Nevermind it was actually warmer in 1000 AD unless trees can grow under ice in Alaska as a recent news article pointed out.

      • Dude, I really gotta say it. You must lead a very boring life wasting your time with this. The stuff you sprout surely has to be contributing to global methane emissions! (Trying to find a nice way of saying that your full of $hit)

      • Tom Bates- You are a Poe, right? Your use of authoritarian leader bashing techniques ( Obama, this, Hillary that, Gore that), your explanation of what other people are thinking based on logic free analysis, your misleading use of sea level rise, your oversimplified analysis of heating effects, your claims of current warming due to orbital mechanics, your mistaken claim that trees overrun by a glacier were growing under it… I give you a gold star for playing the role of a full bore climate denial Poe. You nailed some of the most misleading techniques used by free range climate denialists, so I think you either are a brilliant Poe, or an agent of climate denial ignorance. Care to tell us which it is? Thanks.

  4. skeptictmac57 Says:

    It boggles my mind that so-called intelligent (or even average intelligent) people keep falling for this fallacious premise. It is a classic Nirvana Fallacy and the embodiment of the Tragedy of The Commons problem in economics to boot.
    This is the kind of simplistic populist message that the GOP is wallowing in like a dinosaur caught in the La Brea tar pits, and they can’t go extinct fast enough in my opinion, and good riddance when that day occurs! Sociopathic MFs the lot of them!

  5. grindupbaker Says:

    It’s refreshing at 1:40-1:43 to hear a politician anywhere in the world who cannot sleep at night due to worrying about “the single parent” and “the working family” and yet has the panache to dress nicely in well-fitting clothes. it’s been my experience over 70 years that previously all these well-clad types didn’t give a flying fuck about single parents and working-class families, though a few did claim they did to get some votes. Refreshing indeed.

  6. Tom Bates Says:

    All those who beleave in the tooth fairy of the ocean rising to swallow up Miami might just google the Miami agency to regulate ground water pumping. Miami has a land subsidence problem, not an ocean rising problem. The current rise is 1 inch in 80 years at Galveston Texas, not that far from Miami. New Orleans forget to regulate ground water and has sunk below sea level. Pacific ocean rise is 3 inches in 100 years. It will be a long time before the seas cover Miami. If Miami did not insist on building on sand bars and pretending the ocean never varies in height while actually putting some teeth in their regulatory agency they would not have a problem.

    • otter17 Says:

      Sticking cotton in your ears and shouting nonsense doesn’t make the problem identified by the relevant scientists, infrastructure experts, etc, go away.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Our resident wanker Master Bates can’t be serious—no one who can manage to type comments on a computer keyboard can be this stupid—he has to be Poe-ing us.

      This comment is full of laughable assertions, my favorite being “Galveston Texas is not that far from Miami”. Yep, only about 1200 miles by road—-that’s ~1/20 of the circumference of the Earth and a rather grueling journey, as anyone who has done it can attest.

      I would suggest that Master Bates make that journey himself to see how “not that far” it is, and that he do it on foot—-I predict that his mental deficiencies and proclivity to annoy would cause him to run afoul of the natives (or native wildlife) along the way and he’d never be seen again.

  7. Tweeted to @marcorubio —

    He probably won’t read it, but maybe one of his flunkies will..

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Doubt that his flunkies will bother. After today, they will all be busily cleaning out their desks and looking for jobs with the other campaigns (although working for Trump-Drumpf or Cruz-Luz is a sure path to eternal damnation). They won’t be the first young Repugnants to sell their souls to the Devil, though—-remember Abramoff?

  8. redskylite Says:

    Time is getting short in U.S’s South East as a study today points out in Nature Climate Change. This will be mirrored in many other parts of the world.

    Yes inter-glacial periods have happened without man’s efforts, but not so stunning quickly and so drastic.

    “The impacts of sea-level rise could spur mass migration not seen in the United States since the early to mid-20th century, when millions of black Americans left the South for other regions—an event known as the Great Migration.”

    • redskylite Says:

      This is a strong academic possibility (almost certainty) that deluded people just cannot process, I do not understand what is wrong with their minds at all. It is not even worth trying to reason with them, they just cannot absorb facts. Not until they are submerged in brine.

      “Sea-level rise could force three times as many people in the US from their homes by the end of this century as previously thought, according to an analysis of population trends.

      Mathew Hauer, a demographer at the University of Georgia in Athens, says that until recently most studies that predicted the risks associated with sea-level rise used current population numbers combined with projections of future sea levels.

      The problem with that, he says, is that the predictions have become “outdated almost immediately”.

      “Coastal communities are some of the most rapidly growing communities in the world, so you have to account for the fact that these areas are growing,” says Hauer. “Using current data, we’re underestimating what the future growth in coastal communities is likely to do in terms of placing people at risk of sea-level rise.”

  9. […] Peter Sinclair has more on the situation in Florida from rawstory and from his own video over at, but I wanted to talk about something slightly […]

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