This. Yes, this.

March 13, 2016

I’d like to see a million responses like this to the Trumps of the world, and all those who have enabled and empowered him.

And to all those who would divide us at just the moment we most need each other.

24 Responses to “This. Yes, this.”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Aaaaargh—got moderated—-too many links? Try again.

    (In response to Karen RS at 10″02 AM on 3/15)

    Welcome to the ranks of commenters on Crock. It puzzles me that you say you find it “difficult” to respond to my post because it has such a “high and challenging level of ignorance and arrogance”. I say that I am perplexed because this, YOUR first post here, is characterized by quite a bit of “arrogance and ignorance” (and error) itself.

    You should read others’ comments more carefully before you allow your confirmation bias to drive you to “point out” others errors and make accusations. In addition, you need to pay particular attention to the use of “qualifying” quotation marks and quoting what others say accurately rather than try to put words in their mouths.

    For instance, I was not thinking of a “founding 2000 years ago” when I talked of the Jewish “state” being “OVER 2000 years old”—-actually, the Jews have been in the Holy Land (let’s call it that from now on since you don’t seem to know where the name “Palestine” came from) for at least 3300 to 3800 years. Muslims did not arrive in the Holy land until ~1500 years ago, and their holy sites there are not as important to them as the Jewish and Christian ones are to Jews and Christians. Christians were originally “followers” or “disciples” of Christ—-he and they were all Jews—-and the name “Christian” did not come into common use for decades or even centuries after his death, so in that regard they too are come-latelys compared to the Jews..

    If you had any real familiarity with the history of Zionism, the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate, the UN deliberations, and the Israel War of Independence, you would know that “a portion of the land was NOT ‘taken’ from its inhabitants and GIVEN to Jews to create the state of Israel”. The Israelis merely got tired of waiting for the UN to do its job, declared their independence, and claimed some territory, at which time the armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq attacked, with the stated purpose of annihilating the Jews. The Arab countries tried several times over the years to destroy Israel, and some haven’t given up yet. Did Israel “take” some land and treat some “Palestinians” harshly and “unfairly”. They sure did, and they did it mainly because they HAD to in order to survive. And the U.S. and many other countries have supported Israel strongly from Day One, because after the Holocaust and the unending persecution of Jews in country after country down through time it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

    The huge mess in the Holy Land grows mainly out of Arab intransigence, and IMO the Jews have little choice but to follow the present path. All your semantic and rhetorical bullshit here is meaningless navel-gazing, and it’s actually quite surprising that you are a Jew and say what you do.

    “As a Jew, i am equally appalled by what white, European Jews have done in my name in Palestine. I support full Palestinian sovereignty over the land that is now called Israel”. You sound like a white American Jew who is unconnected to her Jewishness and the historical travails of Jews around the world, and is actually an anti-semite. After looking at the history of Israel and the Holy Land since 1948, do you really think there is much chance of “effectively sharing” any time soon? Wake up and get educated—some more references.

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