New Video: Why Scientists Trust the Surface Thermometers More than Satellites

March 10, 2016

Climate Denialdom went ballistic over my recent video on the satellite temperature record, including John Christy, the Ned Flanders of climate denial – who spent half his recent congressional testimony sputtering about “well funded” video attacks on his shaky science record.

Here’s the companion piece, with a good discussion of the surface temperature record, and why scientists find that the most trustworthy.

First video on “How Reliable are Satellite Temperatures” is below.


9 Responses to “New Video: Why Scientists Trust the Surface Thermometers More than Satellites”

  1. Sean Munger Says:

    Anything that makes climate deniers go ballistic is a good thing.

  2. pendantry Says:

    Y’know, I find it a tad ironic. A troll on an Internet forum, talking total bollocks, will get flamed and ignored. But some politician or high-profile personality doing the same thing — gets air time and… kudos?

    Yet more proof that humans have lost the plot, in my opinion.

    “There’s always revisions to any data set” … unless you’re in denial.

  3. All I can say is… wow!

    I’ve come to expect *very* high standards with your videos, but in my eyes this one sets a new bar. I certainly hope (and expect) that the eventual Democratic presidential nominee (Sanders/Clinton/whoever) will master the material in this video well enough to bludgeon the Republican presidential nominee (Trump/Cruz/whatever) mercilessly in campaign ads and on the debate stage.

    Maybe wishful thinking on my part…. but I’d like to see you get a juicy Executive-branch job offer to produce more videos like this when the Sanders or Clinton Administration takes over in 2017.

    It would be great to see the phrase “well funded videos” go from a denier complaint to reality!

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  6. Børge Krog Says:

    Re: 98 Satellite data :
    Some weeks ago I had a discussion with my American “Deny-aleban” nephew about global warming, and I came across some points of interest, which I think somebody should take a closer look into :
    I wrote this to him :
    and the point of interest starts at page 6, where I write about the 98-thing. And LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY! MY CONCLUSION IS THE SAME AS THE SCIENTISTS!
    Never mind, the thing I write about NOAA-11 being “re-used” for a brief period 97-98 :
    Have others than me observed that, and if not, couldn’t it be an idea for someone do that?
    I don’t know who I should contact, but I actually think I have something here!

    Børge Krog

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