John Oliver on Trump, Texas, and Yes, Climate Conspiracy Theories

March 7, 2016

UPDATE: Found a working link for the video, for now.

Just fyi, nsfw.

Pretty hard for the GOP to disavow nut jobs who talk about their penis size and claim climate science is a conspiracy, when that is exactly the position of their front running candidate.

In the case of the climate/conspiracy, actually the position of the top two candidates, with the others basically just in denial.

It’s apalling, of course, and one hopes that moderate, sensible people in the GOP are as horrified as normal people – but my question is, if you’ve hung in for the last 15 years on this evolving horror show – do you really have capacity for independent thought and moral outrage?


6 Responses to “John Oliver on Trump, Texas, and Yes, Climate Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Where are the moderate GOP opinions? I’d think today that dog mostly doesn’t hunt anymore.

  2. paulie200 Says:

    This link maybe for the John Oliver LWT bit? (Looks ugly, but worked for me.)

    • paulie200 Says:

      Oops… not better, viid won’t work here, but hit the YouTube button.

      And holy cow. Republicans. Disgusting.

  3. Sir Charles Says:

    The American Fascist” by Robert Reich:

    I’ve been reluctant to use the “f” word to describe Donald Trump because it’s especially harsh, and it’s too often used carelessly. But Trump has finally reached a point where parallels between his presidential campaign and the fascists of the first half of the 20th century – lurid figures such as Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Oswald Mosley, and Francisco Franco – are too evident to overlook.

    I just spotted this cartoon:

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