SNL: Racists for Trump

March 6, 2016


Racists with small hands, I might add.

Most important election in history (since the last MIEIH)

Yesterday’s primaries seem like good news – in that Trump, and now the if-anything-even-more-hated Cruz are emerging as climate denial standard bearers.

Another, even funnier piece here.

Trump has yet to say anything about climate change that is even remotely intelligible enough to knock down, but if you have not seen my two videos calling out Cruz’s climate nonsense, which scientists are calling “hilarious” –¬† they are below.





5 Responses to “SNL: Racists for Trump”

  1. Trump doesn’t believe much of what he says, so you don’t really know what his policies on anything will be if he’s elected. That may make him even more dangerous, but I think he’s a lot smarter than the rest of that Republican pack. Unfortunately, we’ve had smart presidents in the past who ended up with failed presidencies.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    In this “social experiment” or prank, the team read Hitler quotes to Donald Trump supporters, and you won’t believe their responses


  3. Something that is a must read. Trump just happens to fit the bill and tick the boxes, The US and every country Murdoch is active in with his divisiveness and fearmongering is creating a very dangerous force. The conservatives have created a ravenous growing tiger that they tenuously have by the tail basically since the McCarthy Reds under the Beds Campaign and the alignment of the republicans with law and order and stability in a rapidly changing world.
    The pressures the consequences of Global Warming will bring will compound the issues and provide new enemies to destroy

    A must read article, it isn’t that they are racists per se, they are against anyone that is perceived to threaten their emotional and or physical security and stability

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