“Lie to Me” – Climate Deniers Seek Alternative Reality

March 1, 2016

Climate deniers ask Donald Trump – “Are you strong enough to be my man?”

I always thought the “lie to me..” lyric was creepy as hell.

Express UK:

Distrust of media has hit an all-time high, with many Americans turning over TV newscasts and cancelling subscriptions to newspapers, according to reasech(sic) by the Pew Research Center.

The centre found that many are switching to fringe websites to feed their hunger for news.

The group’s research concluded 65 per cent of Americans believe the “national news media have a negative effect on our country”.

A separate recent Gallup poll said six in 10 of the US public now have “little or no confidence in the national media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly”.

The main bugbear appears to be that they see news as opinion columns in disguise, particularly when it comes to the climate change debate.

Rep Lamar Smith is a Republican who has represented Texas’s 21st district since 1987.


He said: “If the story does not fit the liberal worldview, then facts are ignored, dissent is silenced, and Americans are told what to think.

“Perhaps one of the worst examples of one-sided, biased reporting involves global warming.”

He claimed people who “reject the liberal viewpoint that climate change is the greatest threat to our country are ridiculed and ignored”.

He said: “For example, the Associated Press recently amended its stylebook to recommend that those who question the science behind global warming be called climate change ‘doubters’ instead of ‘sceptics’.

“But this is inaccurate, since many “skeptics” don’t doubt that climate change has occurred.”

He believes a widely reported figure that 97 per cent of all scientists agree that human-caused global warming is real are false and mislead the public.



9 Responses to ““Lie to Me” – Climate Deniers Seek Alternative Reality”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    The news is opinions instead of information from food fads to polar bears to climate to who shot whom for what reason this week. 99 percent trash, 1 percent actual news. Climate is no different. Your blog never mentions the RSS data shows no global warming only warming in the Arctic, Your blog never mentions Giss is 66 percent estimates, Your blog never mentions Antarctic land ice is growing throughout the so called warming, Your blog is no better than the news. You have an agenda, you support your agenda and apparently make a good living from that agenda just like any current news reporter.

    • Master Bates, I’ve edited part of your comment for you: “Your blog never mentions the RSS data shows a global warming trend of 0.13 degC/decade at an altitude of 10 kilometres. Your blog never mentions RSS is 100 per cent estimates (satellites don’t measure temperature directly). Your blog never mentions while the East Antarctic land ice is growing, the greater loss of West Antarctic land ice means the Antarctic overall is losing land ice. My comment is no better than the news. I have an agenda, I support my agenda and get a vicarious thrill out of expressing a contrarian point of view.”
      There, that’s fixed your comment up for you.
      If you were writing in the genre of the title of this piece: ‘”Lie to Me” Climate Deniers Seek Alternative Reality’, then apologies as you’ve excelled yourself.
      Don’t forget to hand in your literary criticism before school tomorrow and bring your kit for soccer practice in the afternoon. There’s a good lad.

    • otter17 Says:

      If your view that 99% of the information and facts presented are wrong, but your particular view that the 1% that align with you are correct, then you ought to re-evaluate your view of reality. It is highly unlikely that you can see more than the rest of us. Furthermore, your view that the world isn’t warming conflicts even with others in denial that claim the Earth IS warming, just not due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Those in denial can’t even keep their stories straight on the science, but they all seem to have similar biases that nothing could be done to reduce GHG emissions. The only thing that is consistent among denial are the biases and similarity in political/economic belief.

  2. My old friend Reggie Perrin describes it as being a Wingnut Alternate Reality (WAR for short) created by the Astroturf Spin Machine.

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