Truthsquadding Ted Cruz on Climate – Part 2

February 29, 2016

As promised.

A few weeks ago, Ted Cruz gave the world perhaps the greatest gift he is capable of at this point – a widely publicized rant on video which included just about every bonehead climate denial talking point now current.

Having the country’s most hated man as the spokesperson for climate denial is a good thing.


6 Responses to “Truthsquadding Ted Cruz on Climate – Part 2”

  1. […] As I show on this page, and here as well, Ted Cruz, the most hated man in America, is now the face of climate denial. […]

  2. lerpo Says:

    The trend from 1997 to the present shows almost no warming. Curiously though, the trend from the start of the satellite record up until 1997 also shows no warming. We’ve warmed about 0.5C over the entire satellite record.

    How can we have no warming before 1997, and no warming after 1997, but warming of 0.5C over the entire record? XD I’m no mathematician, but I think Cruz may be missing something.

    I’ve made this little program to demonstrate:

  3. I know it has been gone into a lot at different places, but it might be worth mentioning at least passing that surface warming is greater, e.g., “Of course you will show more of a warming trend at the surface [show chart], but even with the satellite record, if one picks a longer or shorter period…” But perhaps you have a different take on the issue of what can or should be alluded to. As Hegel said, “The True is the Whole” but obviously you have to stop somewhere. Perhaps it just comes down to a judgment call.

    Another interesting point: relative to the surface, the mid-tropospheric warming (what is ~measured by the satellites) during an El Nino (with lag) is exaggerated. The spike is greater. Not sure why, exactly, although I suspect stronger moist air convection will be better able to overcome prevailing patterns of atmospheric circulation and establish more efficient transfer of heat to the mid-troposphere. Regardless, the higher spike is one reason a denier would pick the satellite record over the surface record as it gives them a higher point to start from when calculating their trend.

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