Graph of the Day: Sea Ice Continues Fall

February 22, 2016


Sea ice may have peaked and is already beginning it’s drop to summer low.


6 Responses to “Graph of the Day: Sea Ice Continues Fall”

  1. It may be premature to claim that the freeze has reached its peak, but it does seem likely that maximum Arctic ice extent and area may record lows this freeze season.

  2. skylanetc Says:

    The low mid-winter extent is alarming, but already peaked? Doubtful. There will likely be a slight uptick before the real melt begins.

    Neven has a good discussion here:

  3. Says:

    Are you sending new messages? I have not received one from you since late February. But, you site may have been hacked as my address was only used for your communications from the bolg server.

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