Mississippi Latest State to Offer Creationism/Climate Denial School Bill

February 15, 2016


Just to reiterate – Climate deniers like the Heartland Institute, and even PhD Geologist deniers like “Jack” Schmitt, who should know better – have made common cause with young earth creationists to “recapture” the US education system, on behalf of their respective clientele.

National Center for Science Education:

The principal sponsor of Mississippi’s House Bill 50 acknowledged that the bill seeks to allow teachers to present creationism. Interviewed by the Jackson Clarion-Ledger (February 10, 2016), Mark Formby (R-District 108) explained, “If a teacher… believes the Earth was created by a Supreme Being, [she should be able to say] that maybe there are other theories than the big bang theory where there was nothing, then nothing exploded and created something.”

As NCSE previously reported, HB 50 specifically cites biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming, and human cloning as topics that “may cause debate and disputation,” claiming that “Some teachers may be unsure of the expectations concerning how they should present information when debate and disputation occur on these subjects.” HB 50 is the first antiscience bill in Mississippi since 2010.

Proposed Mississippi House Bill 50:

SECTION 1. (1) (a)  The Legislature finds that an important purpose of science education is to inform students about scientific evidence and to help students develop critical thinking skills necessary to become intelligent, productive and scientifically informed citizens.  The teaching of some scientific subjects required to be taught under the curriculum framework developed by the State Board of Education may cause debate and disputation, including, but not limited to:

(i)  Biological evolution;

(ii)  The chemical origins of life;

(iii)  Global warming; and

(iv)  Human cloning.


7 Responses to “Mississippi Latest State to Offer Creationism/Climate Denial School Bill”

  1. bobinchiclana Says:

    They’ve been watching too much Jurassic Park!

  2. ubrew12 Says:

    “[In] the big bang theory… there was nothing, then nothing exploded and created something” And how is that NOT creationism? The word ‘created’ is central to that sentences meaning.

  3. Gingerbaker Says:

    After we freed the slaves, we should have let the South secede. And built a wall along the Mason-Dixon line.

  4. mailtemp1234 Says:

    Climatecrocks likes to link Republican Party + Religion + Climate Deniers as being a group that should be attacked in the context of Climate Change.

    1- Neither Political Party is doing anything remotely close to addressing climate change AND NEVER WILL ; All Current U.S. politicians are equally Guilty
    2- Communist countries which are historically ANTI religious do absolutely nothing as well; Climate change is not a religious issue and never will be.
    3- Attacking religion in the context of fighting climate change is a form of stupidity on the same level as the stupid arguments exhibited by the selfish Fossil Fuel Companies who are manipulating the immoral greedy U.S. Political system.
    4-The real issue is the Corporate Greed which has nothing to do with Religion or Christian Values, American Capitalism has become Corrupted Capitalism interested in making money at everyone’s expense (e.g. the financial industry) , and no longer cares about the people, I would say this is due to a lack of Christianity not the other way around.
    5-The correct issue is a criminal issue and that is the flawed U.S. political system accepting bribes from the Fossil Fuel Industries WHILE knowing full well they are endangering the lives of the people of this planet.
    6-If any sub group of people should be attacked it is the self absorbed materialistic consumer based American People who as a whole who are the highest consumers and wasters of Earths resources ever and outpace every other country on earth by a long way, and seem to ignorantly think the rest of the world is like them.
    7-TRUE Christians in America Volunteer more of there time and care and know more about the world outside the U.S.A. and do more for the poor people suffering in it then the non Christian ones in my experience.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I will always attack, not real spirituality, but phony manipulated religion, such as we see in the current election campaign, and from the likes of Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Fox News crowd. I feel the same about these folks as I do about ISIS and the Taliban – in fact, I see no distinction between them. Zealots like Cruz and Marco Rubio have made no bones about their ignorance and murderous intent should they gain power.
      In addition, I continue to report on the entirely unholy alliance between Koch/Fossil funded groups like Heartland Institute, which is making cynical alliances with far right wing religious groups, and willing to destroy science education in the United States to further the agenda of the fossil fuel industry.
      At the same time I have given plenty of time to sincere, rational folks like Katharine Hayhoe, and Paul Douglas, whose recent presentation on this I will be posting this weekend.
      I also gave very extensive coverage to the Pope and his recent encyclical on climate change. My position on Jesus, as John Fugelsang said, is much like my position on Elvis.
      Love the guy, concerned about some of his fans.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      6-If any sub group of people should be attacked it is the self absorbed materialistic consumer based American People who as a whole who are the highest consumers and wasters of Earths resources ever and outpace every other country on earth by a long way, and seem to ignorantly think the rest of the world is like them.

      And just why do you think that many people behave in this way. It is no surprise to me given the images portrayed in advertising, advertising where the airbrush and other techniques portray the world being advertised as flawless and how well the latest car or gizmo looks or works. Which is aligned to your point 4.

      If only the billions spent on advertising and PR could be used sensibly in education then we may get a chance of turning this ship around. But no, some would rather spend money on a resource wasting, polluting artefact such as a new Titanic for the use of the negligently wealthy.

      The Republicans happen to be more in the frame because they represent the right wing of US politics to which most of the fossil fuel largesse gravitates. Jane Mayer’s book is a must read.

      On point 7, your experience sounds rather limited.

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