Truthsquadding Ted Cruz Climate Denial

February 11, 2016

It’s on.

Ted Cruz did us the enormous favor a few days ago by reeling off a list of the greatest hits of bonehead climate denial.


I’ll be going thru these one by one and taking them down in coming weeks, it’s time.
Here’s the first entry.

So fasten your seat belt, Mr Cruz, you are about to be schooled.

26 Responses to “Truthsquadding Ted Cruz Climate Denial”

  1. Lionel Smith Says:

    “Over the last two, three years…”

    So it was about three years ago when Teddy fell out of his tree house and started feeding on denier dung.

  2. petersjazz Says:

    Great. And even what we call it the physics are there.

  3. Steven Jones Says:

    While its nice to have this for our reference. I dont think you get it, he’s talking to ppl who frankly wont listen to “us” no matter what. All they want to hear is re-enforcement of their beliefs.

    Great clip of Maggie Thatcher on this mind you, a right winger who really was a conservative.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I know the 20 percent in Cruz’s audience will never change. But this helps the middle 60 percent
      in that it is bite sized and obviously irrefutable.

    • Those folks want to think of themselves as SERIOUS PEOPLE. So, heck, it is TIME to make amply clear that those denialist wingnuts are not to be taken as serious people. And by extension those who vote them into a serious office.

  4. Sir Charles Says:

    Cruz should have a read here => The Discovery of Global Warming

    A hypertext history of how scientists came to (partly) understand what people are doing to cause climate change.

    But I doubt he wants to learn some basic facts.

  5. Fred Gray Says:

    Now I wonder what Ted Cruz’s view on gravity waves is?

  6. ubrew12 Says:

    Ouch! You left a mark with that video!
    I’m glad you’re going after Cruz. More than any other candidate, he’s been fitted to ‘sock-puppet’ the words of the Koch Brothers, and cannot easy pivot on this topic.

    Cruz is deeply religious, and prays to the ‘Alter of Koch’ whenever he can. The Alter has told Cruz that it desperately wants to make ‘common-cause’ with Evangelicals, so ANY ‘inconvenient evidence’ that MANY Evangelicals are actually quite concerned about Climate Change could materially affect his candidacy.

  7. philip64 Says:

    Of course one could also reference reports from the American Academy of Sciences and other bodies going back to the 1960s, although without video footage they might have less immediate impact.

    Looking forward to seeing the other drivel skewered the same way!

  8. indy222 Says:

    Yeah – TAKE this guy down Peter. I’m truly afraid we’re going to end up with a Republican president and then….. all is lost. Witness the Suprreme Court’s decrepitation into corporate shill-ery. How many more Justices (sic) could they appoint for a lifetime?

    • I don’t think anybody should be “taking him down”. It seems like he is doing a pretty good job of doing that by himself.

      But it is interesting to see pointed out just how misguided and out of touch with reality this “wannabe” president really is!

  9. redbbs Says:

    Oh you mean THAT internet.

    Here’s his problem. After the first Senate hearing last year Judith Curry revealed that there is a staffer in Cruz’s office who is hooked on WUWT et al
    Dr Curry:
    Senator Cruz seems very much into the Data, and generally knowledgable about the scientific process. One of his staffers is an avid reader of CE, WUWT and apparently Steve Goddard’s blog…….

    He’s sprouting WUWTerisms.

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