Satellite Scientist Upset at “Well Funded Video”

February 4, 2016

John Christy, the Ned Flanders of climate denial, appeared once again before a welcoming crowd at Rep. Lamar Smith’s House Science committee, in a show-hearing designed to whip up more impotent right wing rage against pointy headed intellectuals, their wacky left-wing climate science, and a suspiciously French global climate agreement.

Especially entertaining for me – Dr. Christy spent a good part of his time responding to stinging and long overdue critiques of his science, and his much ballyhooed satellite measures of global temperature, delivered by several of the world’s most respected atmospheric experts in my recent video.

Dr. Christy is one of those fortune-favored individuals who consistently make a name for themselves by “failing up”.  It’s a time-honored path to success, celebrated in films like Forrest Gump, and Being There – and George W. Bush proved it will take you all the way to the Presidency.  Christy has done it in the science world.

In a series of egregious errors in the 1990s and 2000s,  Dr. Christy and his partner Roy Spencer, actually managed to read their satellite data as showing the planet cooling, a 180 wrongway boneheaded analysis, let’s call it “Freedom Science” – that they defended stubbornly for more than a decade, until the overwhelming weight of evidence forced them to admit they were wrong.

For ordinary people, blowing it that bad could be a career killer – but if you are telling climate deniers and wealthy barons of the world’s most profitable industry what they want to hear, it makes you the toast of Washington.
Certainly, if not for a rich history of bungling, error, and accompanying arrogance, no one would ever have heard of Dr. Christy.  But in these confusing times, for a science-challenged and ideologically blindered audience, Dr. Christy is science denial’s enthusiastic go-to guy, and a hero to intellectual titans like Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, and Lamar Smith.

Below, if you have not seen, the satellite video that’s gotten under Dr. Christy’s skin.


35 Responses to “Satellite Scientist Upset at “Well Funded Video””

  1. ceist8 Says:

    Christy has lost any right to call himself a scientist.

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  3. Tom Bates Says:

    I see a lot of name calling and people saying things the data does not show. If you go look at the RSS data you see four grafts. A global, no warming for almost twenty years, a tropical which shows cooling, a stratosphere which shows cooling and an arctic which shows some warming. Overall the globe has not warmed per the RSS web site and the publish data which is the black line on the grafts, the yellow is the model. If you go to the STAR data set, all three data sets show cooling not warming for decades. The only thing showing warming is Giss and models based on Giss. If you google the 2010 revision Hansen tells you about all the revisions they are making to the actual data. It is up to you to determine if those revisions make sense. 66 percent of the data is not actual data, it is an estimate. If they have no data for a grid they plug, if the data is colder than surrounding they plug. When more than half is a plug you should wonder about the accuracy no matter how many PHd’s get promotions pushing the warming claims. At the same time the antarctic is colder, more sea and land ice as is Greenland. The arctic per the Danish weather folks has not changed much since 1958. Thousands of stations like Orland Ca, measuring temperatures since 1885, are no longer in the Giss data set maybe because Orland showed cooling not warming. Barrow Alaska which is in the data set was 7 degrees warmer in October 1911, than in 2015.

    As a side note warming from the increased CO2 has actually been measured. it is 0.00014705882 percent of solar gain for the approximate ten years measured. That is pretty small, most likely the reason the ocean rise trend is about 3 inches or less in 100 years.

    • Harry Twinotter Says:

      You are certainly showing your bias. Arguments from personal incredulity are not useful.

      Your comments about GISS are wrong. They analyse the temperature data, they do not produce the actual measurements. Perhaps you should go look at the trends in the raw data if you do not like the adjustments.

      I do have some questions:

      Do you understand what statistical sampling is, and how it works?

      Have you analysed the raw RSS data, and compared that to the RSS adjustments?

    • grindupbaker Says:

      surface data set analysis S.B. given 12x the weight of satellite troposphere analysis based upon well-mixed to 90m average, ocean is 72% area, well-mixed warms/cools 65% of surface, troposphere equates to 3.5m of ocean depth.

    • lerpo Says:

      RSS shows 0.042 ±0.155 °C/decade over the last 20 years. That is consistent with steep cooling but also consistent with warming of 0.197 °C/decade – about what the IPCC projected.

      UAH shows 0.134 ±0.155 °C/decade over the last 20 years. That is consistent with 0 warming but also consistent with warming of 0.289 °C/decade – way more than the IPCC projected.

      Why is there such a discrepancy between the two?

      Regarding sea level rise, there’s been about 3 inches since 1990:

      • Harry Twinotter Says:

        Good to see someone interpreting the satellite measurements along with the confidence intervals. It is rare to see someone do this.

        The satellite data is very noisy. It may also be wrong, but I am happy to accept it for now until someone proves that it is wrong.

    • markle2k Says:

      The fact that you don’t understand that the stratospheric cooling is actually a symptom of GHG-induced global warming tells us that you need to go do some learning about the physical mechanisms before you can properly analyze what the data is telling us.

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