Carl Mears on Climate Data vs Models

January 26, 2016

Part 3 from my interview with Dr Mears, whose work was prominently misused during the recent hearing chaired by Senator Ted Cruz.


5 Responses to “Carl Mears on Climate Data vs Models”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    How could the RSS data be misused. It is right there in front of you
    I see four, count them, grafts. Global no rise, tropical cooling, stratosphere cooling, and arctic warming slightly. Take a look a the black lines, the yellow blog is the model.

    • Torsten Says:

      Tom, it seems you didn’t actually listen to what Mears had to say. Or you didn’t understand it.

      There is good reason to be suspicious of the satellite-derived temperatures, regardless of who’s doing the deriving. The RATPAC trends and RSS and UAH trends have been departing for some time now. Also, the size of the difference in the UAH 5.6 and RSS trends suggests someone is doing something wrong. Who can you trust? UAH used to be the darling of the denier crowd, but now it is RSS. Oh, but now UAH 6.0 looks a lot more like RSS. What do think the error bars are on the satellite temperatures, Tom?

      You seem unaware that if global warming is being driven by greenhouse gases, then we expect stratospheric cooling. By mentioning the stratospheric cooling trend in your comment, you demonstrate that you don’t know what climate theory predicts.

      Also, the fact that the RSS north polar TLT shows a greater trend than the RSS global TLT is consistent with polar amplification predicted by the models.

      By the way, they’re called graphs, or charts. And I think you mean “yellow band”, not “yellow blog”.

    • neilrieck Says:

      It was Ted Cruz who was saying “believe these numbers”. Mears and others said that the satellite measurements should not be taken seriously because they only infer the temperature from measurements of radio emissions by Oxygen molecules -AND- that these final numbers never match actual temperature measurements made over land and water (ground stations as well as radiosonde). Then to make a case for his arguments to downplay satellite inferences, Mears provided this flowchart of the man-made tweaks involved in processing EM satellite data:

      which can be found in this article:

  2. Tom, I wonder how you came to these conclusions:

    “Global no rise, tropical cooling, stratosphere cooling, and arctic warming slightly.”

    If one looks at the entire time period, all three tropospheric graphs show an increase (though of different sizes). Did you cherry-pick some parts of the graphs, by any chance?

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