Andrew Dessler on “The Pause”

January 22, 2016


10 Responses to “Andrew Dessler on “The Pause””

  1. daveandrews723 Says:

    If the pause was manufactured out of thin air, as Dessler claims, the alarmist models must have been manufactured out of fairy dust.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      re-watch the vid, Dessler says there is some basis in fact, given a slightly slower warming
      in the recent decade and a half vs the previous (new research casts doubt that this slowing is real-
      and certainly other signals like Sea level have not slowed..)
      nevertheless, Dessler says the it’s the notion that any pause, real or imaginary, is an existential
      threat to our climate understanding – is what has been manufactured.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        More valuable Greenman time wasted responding to another invader from the denier world—-WUWT this time. Dave Andrews is one of the slack-jawed, drooling head-nodders that populate the WUWT threads with smug one-sentence inanities like his comment here. Dave and his fellow Watts minions spread a different kind of dust there, and would like to do so on Crock—-Donkey Dust.

      • daveandrews723 Says:

        The models, upon which the dire threat of man-made global warming is based, have not held up. They do not understand the impact of CO2 levels on global temperatures, despite their claim that “the science is settled.”

        • And how exactly has this model not held up? You’re not talking to the usual science illiterates that Ted Cruz represents. Can you read a chart? Most of your associates can’t.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          WUWT, the gift that keeps on giving. Anthony Watts sending missionaries out into the world to spread truth—-how noble!.

          Dave, go back to WUWT and stay there. A comment such as this will be met with much one-sentence agreement and head-nodding from the ignorant lemmings there. And anyone who disagrees with your inane comment there would be immediately set upon by the “living brain dead” that inhabit WUWT and driven out.

          (And don’t breathe the Donkey Dust—-it’s knee deep and hard to avoid, on WUWT, I know, but do your best, because breathing it lowers your IQ, and you don’t have much left to give up).

        • Also, do you understand statistical models? Do you know why we “reject the null” when 100 year weather or climate events become commonplace?

      • markle2k Says:

        If you read the original Monckton post at WUWT (November 2013 or so?) where he first threw out his “hasn’t warmed since X” graph, you can tell he didn’t realize what a goldmine he’d struck. It was like watching a magician explain, clearly and in detail, how his trick works and having everybody in the audience still conclude that dark sorcery was at work.

        • grindupbaker Says:

          The great thing about the Monckton graph on WUWT is that it clearly showed an infinite increase in “global warming” in year 2000, and alarmificated me. Some old stodges like “scientists” and “mathematician” types would claim that it just showed that when you can radically change a trend simply by altering the start or end time a tad then it shows that you don’t have a clue how to derive a trend. But they are dull fuddy duddies. It much funner to point out the irrefutable truth that Sir Monckton 217-month graph on WUWT clearly shows an infinite increase in “global warming” in year 2000.

  2. redskylite Says:

    “The Pause” was plucked from thin air by David Rose (questionable ex-Iraq war reporter now associated with the Daily/Sunday Mail) on the 16 October 2012, backed up by an extreme contrarian, Judith Curry. In fact the cherry picked conclusion, was started from a huge El Niño event around 1997, and please folks don’t fall for it again after the biggy in 2015. Far too much time wasted in refuting, debating, even recognizing this scallywag, and even giving him any credibility. Respected Dr Kevin Trenberth also regrettably gives far to much time to this myth. The trouble is the human need for instant news and change, does not match the longer time-scales mother Earth needs to react, to the sharp changes we have imposed upon her. Mankind tries to speed it up to recognizable human time-frame speeds by burning huge swathes of land in Indonesia and letting vast reservoirs of methane loose in California, never mind the incessant plunder of coal reserves, in less enlightened parts of the world. ARGO and other projects show absolutely no hiatus or pause. Listen to the science. Listen to the sense.

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