Trailer: New Film Spotlights Climate Impact on Sports Fishery, Species

January 21, 2016

Todd Tanner is someone who is doing a whole lot of good work in climate education in a large, important, but often neglected community – hunters and anglers.

Outdoorsmen are among the keenest observers of nature that we have, and are often picking up on phenomena that the science community has not yet named – but they are not often well represented among the activist types I know who are working on this issue.  In addition, these are people who know all too well what we stand to lose if business as usual continues unchanged. They represent the lineage of connection to the natural world that goes back to before human beings had language to describe it.

I’ve interviewed Todd a few times, and find him to be one of the best, most credible spokespeople out there.

Now there’s a new movie from Tanner’s organization, Conservation Hawks, called Chrome, which focuses on a small party of fly fishermen, and women, in search of the magnificent Steelhead.  I’ve seen the whole thing, and although relatively short, it’s unique and powerful in this genre. The trailer is above.

I gather the film will be making the rounds of festivals, etc, but I hope to feature it as soon as it is generally available on line.

Below, the Yale video I made including Tanner and others in the outdoors community – worth your attention.


2 Responses to “Trailer: New Film Spotlights Climate Impact on Sports Fishery, Species”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    If Democrats were smart…. this is one of the two or three things they should talk about to red State voters. (And shut the heck up about gun control until they have large working majorities in all three organs.)

    If they could get hunters to realize they have been voting for the party that has been destroying game habitat, it could make a huge difference.

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