Watch Admiral Titley Deconstruct Ted Cruz

January 16, 2016

I loved Admiral David Titley’s (former Chief Oceanographer of US Navy) testimony before Senator Ted Cruz’s panel last month, and excerpted parts of it for the recent Yale vid.

Here’s Titley’s Q and A with hizzoner.

9 Responses to “Watch Admiral Titley Deconstruct Ted Cruz”

  1. pendantry Says:

    Listening to that Cruz bloke and his demonstrable inability to comprehend reality, the word ‘tosspot’ leaps unbidden into my head. The realisation that he is apparently a senator makes me want to weep for those on whose behalf he makes decisions.

  2. painedumonde Says:

    The schadenfreude is delicious.

  3. indy222 Says:

    Except Cruz could have been roasted to a complete char, instead of a slight beet red… How? By pointing out (Foster and Rahmstorff 2011) (1) solar luminosity trend during that period was downward as we went through the longest and deepest solar activity minimum in a century, (2) considering volcanic aerosols from minor volcanic events (Ridley edt al 2014) also correct that temperature curve upward during that period, (3) The ENSO oscillation + Pacific Decadal Oscillation was in a prolonged cooling trend during exactly that period, starting in 1998 and ending in 2014, this is the most important of these first 3. Then, Cowtan and Way (2013) show that missing Arctic temperatures in the temp curve trotted out by these clowns, when included using reasonable algorithms, further correct the temp curve upwards. The final curve then agrees nicely with the story from the “mercury thermometer” called sealevel rise – whose global average only rises for two reasons: thermal expansion, and continental ice melt, both due to rising global warming. Sea level rise, of course, shows not the slightest change in trend; rather if anything, a recent acceleration upward. I’d love to have been in the chair next to Titley and picked up where he left off to finish the deconstruction all the way down to the ugly little dollar signs and ideological claptrap bits.

  4. redskylite Says:

    If you haven’t read the New York Times yet, I urge you to read this attached opinion piece. I found it truly moving and sad. A respected NASA icon, astronaut, scientist, manager/team leader speaks profound sense as does the good admiral Titley.

    Words, the most powerful thing we have developed. . .

  5. ceist8 Says:

    What I find shocking is that a US presidential candidate would use graphics from junkscience conspiracy blogs. He used one from the ‘Steve Goddard’ blog (aka the faker Tony Heller) and another from Lord Monckton which does the rounds of the junkcience conspiracy blogs. Tony Heller even boasts about it on his blog:

    Imagine if he were President of the US and had to make an important military decision and he used conspiracy blogs for information.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I’m sorry, but the mention of Monckton and Goddard got me reeling but “Imagine if he were President of the US and had to make an important decision (of ANY kind)….” finished me off. I have upchucked my breakfast. Thanks a bunch.

  6. ceist8 Says:

    I wish Admiral Titley had known enough about graphs commonly found on conspiracy blogs to ask Ted Cruz to about the sources of the graphs he used.

    Peter, is it worth you emailing the Admiral to let him know? I’d love to see him do an interview showing a picture of Cruz’s graphs, then screenshots of the source of the graphs on conspiracy blogs.

  7. Actually the admiral attempted to critique of this 18 year period because it started with a huge spike. He should have attacked based on the principle of regression to the mean– a statistical trick used to misrepresent trends. He only hinted at it.

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