DiCaprio: “Revenant” Filming Disrupted by Climate Change

January 14, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film “The Revenant” picks up 12 Academy Award nominations, while Cli-Fi epic “Fury Road” is second, and Matt Damon’s “I’m going to science the shit out of this” classic, “The Martian”, is third..


Alejandro González Iñárritu’s epic western The Revenant leads the race for the 2016 Oscars.

The film picked up nominations in half the possible categories, including best picture, as well as a surprise nod for Tom Hardy as best supporting actor for a total of 12 nominations.

Another gritty tale of outback survival – Australian apocalypse hit Mad Max: Fury Road – picked up 10 nominations to take it into second place. Meanwhile a third populist story about a man battling harsh nature and hostile adversaries – sci-fi yarn The Martian – came in third with 10.

Trailers below:


3 Responses to “DiCaprio: “Revenant” Filming Disrupted by Climate Change”

  1. indy222 Says:

    FWIW, I thought the gore was just too indulgent in “The Revenant”. Too slow, not enough effort on advancing the story. I didn’t need 5 minutes on getting gored by a bear. 1 minute would have been enough. Etc. I’m surprised it got so many awards – same for Fury Road, although the fx were incredible. The Martian should have led the nominations – brains, story, pace, great acting, drama… and a celebration of using the FOREbrain (vs reptilian brain) for dealing with what life throws at you. How often do you see that on screen? Rarely.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Saw Rev and Martian on the big screen (with much too expensive popcorn) and Max from Netflix on the TV. I agree that The Martian should be #1 on the list for the reasons you stated because we’re talking MOVIES and entertainment here, but DO think that it was full of bad science in that it is insane and excessively brightsided to think it could ever happen. We are never going to have a man set foot on Mars (at least not for very long until his demise), and it only fuels the denier propaganda that “we can always go off-planet if we f**k this one up”.

      Max may have had a message and paid some attention to women, but the “incredible fx” and the costumes and the machines are better suited to a comic book, Again, as a MOVIE and entertainment, it works.

      You’re right about the Revenant being too slow and gory. We all know that live in the wilderness with bears and Indians and evil white men in 1820 was a bit grim, so it shouldn’t take near 2-1/2 hours to show that. I was greatly distracted by the bad science of all those half-uncovered and wet bodies NOT being overcome by hypothermia, being “saved” by a fire not big enough to toast marshmallows, and how they could keep their powder dry. All in all, it was great to watch, if too long. Because of the great scenery, I looked up the filming locations after seeing it, and was surprised to see that AGW let them down in the Canadian Rockies and they had to go to Tierra del Fuego to do some of the shots until NA froze up again.

  2. Looks like a remake, er, “reimagining” of the 1971 Richard Harris film, Man in the Wilderness. As a kid, I was a sucker for wilderness survival westerns like this, A Man Called Horse, Jeremiah Johnson, etc.
    Interesting large thread of man-versus-nature–except our real world is man-against-nature-changed-by-man.

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