The Big Short: Fear and Loathing at the End of the Economy

January 11, 2016

Off topic but right on.

The Big Short is brilliant, epic, surprising, challenging, terrifying, and you will wonder how the hell it got made.
When the setting changed to Las Vegas, all I could think about was Hunter S. Thompson screaming across the desert.



7 Responses to “The Big Short: Fear and Loathing at the End of the Economy”

  1. Excellent! If the public actually understands the massive corruption of the banks, government regulators and rating agencies. Think they do? Then why is it still occurring?

    I’ve got news for you. JP Morgan is engaging in an attempt to corner silver much like the Hunt Bros. But unlike those Hunt clowns Morgan has the blessing of the CFTC, the Fed, and God knows how many politicians. You might check on why they hold 400 million oz of silver (which is more than half of the annual production of silver). And why they hold astronomical short positions on silver. I’ve asked this question of a number of writers, politicians and some so-called “experts”. All I get is silence or blank stares.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Some truths will be told in this one. It’s going on the Netflix queue ASAP (

    And it’s not OT and IS right on—-it exposes the reason why we are in the throes of AGW, the sixth extinction, and all the other things that afflict a planet that functioned for 4+ billion years without us—human greed and hubris—which drives it all through the vehicle of capitalism (and growth and progress and profit).

  3. skeptictmac57 Says:

    NPR started up their Planet Money podcast at the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008 with the purpose of trying to get a grip on what happened, and what was likely to happen as a result. If you can go back and listen to their archives you can learn a lot from a layperson’s perspective. Especially listen to their joint podcast with This American Life called ‘The Giant Pool of Money’.
    The one show they did that outraged me the most, was when they interviewed a bunch of asshat financial traders in a Wallstreet bar and asked them if they were grateful that their institutions (and their jobs) were saved by the bailout. Their answers and arrogance was breathtaking!

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Snagged a book off the “look at me” shelf near the door on my last visit to the library. It’s written by Jim Marrs, who is a bit of a conspiracist and also wrote a book with “Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens” as part of its title, but I have read Marrs’s The Rise of the Fourth Reich, and that was a good read with credible arguments.

    The basic premise of “Population Control—How Corporate Owners Are Killling Us” is that the1/10 of 1% who control the corporations want to reduce the population of the earth to bo more than 500 million, get rich in the process, and end up being among the “last men standing”. Has anyone read this book?

  5. robsmith62 Says:

    Christian Bale always makes good movies

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