Okie Earthquakes Up 300x. Calling Senator Inhofe..

January 4, 2016

Compliments of Big Fracking.


8 Responses to “Okie Earthquakes Up 300x. Calling Senator Inhofe..”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    You can watch them happening in real-time on the USGS earthquakes map.

    The idea that they are not connected to fracking is just ridiculous.

  2. The reporter closes with a quote from a geologist, “Something has reactivated fault lines that had been dormant for 300 million years.” That should be enough to give anyone pause for thought.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Following Sir Charles second link leads to the “official” OK earthquake website. http://earthquakes.ok.gov/what-we-know/earthquake-map/

    This map is like the others, but with the added overlay info of the locations of the fracking wastewater disposal wells. Even Omnologos (where is he hiding anyway?—every village needs an idiot, and I miss him) would be able to see that there is a high correlation between earthquakes and water injection.

    One interesting thing is that the Tulsa area where Inhofe resides has fewer earthquakes even though there are a good number of injection wells there. Too bad—-if Strom Inhofe got shaken up a bit more, maybe his head would come loose from his anal orifice and he could begin to see the real world.

    (PS The Irish Shale Gas Bulletin site is a good one—offers a good view from a new perspective of what’s going on here as well as what’s going on over there—you can subscribe easily, and it’s not one that bombards you daily)

  4. Gingerbaker Says:

    Any earthquakes that damaged property? The ground shakes around airports, trains too.

    Small earthquakes might be worth the trouble – if the pay off was worth it. Not the case with fracked fossil fuels…. but there might be something to geothermal energy using fracturing technology.

    I’d put up with a little ground shaking if it meant cheap unlimited geothermal for millennia.

  5. toddinnorway Says:

    In order for a proper mitigation to happen, it is essential to understand the causes of the induced seismicity. It is not the fracking process itself. It is the re-injection of waste water, which is a bi-product of the current process used by the fracking industry and the conventional oil production industry. Instead of re-injection, they could be cleaning up the waste water and re-using it. They do not currently do this because it costs more, and regulations do not prescribe it.
    So what I see happening is a class action suite put forward by the thousands of building owner who experience some cracking of their foundations and facades due to the earthquake activity.
    If this class action is successful, it will mean the end of the waste water industry, and either the frackers and other oilfield operators will have to pay for re-cycling their waste water, or quit drilling, fracking and producing altogether. The frackers have a grim future in all cases and outcomes, and this only hasten their shut down.

  6. toddinnorway Says:

    ..it will mean the end of the waste water INJECTION industry….

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