This week’s freakish and terrifying North Atlantic “Bomb” cyclone, is developing over an area critical to the Global oceanic system, where salty waters descend into the deep ocean and begin a long journey south.

That area has developed into an anomalously cold patch in a globally warming ocean – the subject of this video from last spring, featuring Oceanographer Stefan Rahmstorf, Atmosphere expert Mike Mann, and Glaciologist Jason Box. Rahmstorf’s paper on the subject had just been published.

For those that don’t remember, Richard Muller is the UC Berkeley physicist, who became, briefly, a darling of climate denialdom, after saying a bunch of nasty things about climate scientists and their research.


With money from the Koch Brothers, Muller formed a new research team, determined, he said, to get to the truth of the temp record.

Funny thing, he confirmed what all those crazy climate scientists had been saying all along.

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The storm that rampaged thru Texas and wreaked havoc across the south and midwest is winding up to deliver a hot blow to a suddenly vulnerable-even-in-December  Arctic.

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus in Slate:

As it departs North America this week, the storm will rapidly intensify over the northern reaches of the Gulf Stream and draw tremendous amounts of warm air northward from Spain and the Mediterranean Sea toward the Arctic. As the storm approaches Iceland, it will have strengthened to the equivalent of some of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in terms of atmospheric pressure. Intensely high pressure over western Russia, perhaps boosted by melting sea ice, will aid in setting up the tropics-to-pole atmospheric superhighway.

Unlike other recent episodes of extreme weather around the planet, this storm is probably not related to El Niño, which has limited influence in Europe. The storm will be strengthening over the exact spot that North Atlantic temperatures have been cooling over recent years, an effect that scientists have linked to a slowdown of the basin’s circulation triggered in part by melting sea ice—the same scenario that was highly dramatized in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. This year, there’s been a notable increase in the sharp contrast between this cold patch and record warm ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic, an effect that leads to stronger ocean storms—like this one.


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Future historians will marvel at the seamless, hermetically sealed stupidity of Climate Deniers like Senator James Inhofe.

Above, Former Senator, and current Presidential candidate Rick Santorum appeared on the Real Time with Bill Maher program in August, and flummoxed the host by pulling out some questionable numbers on scientists, and the consensus about climate. (it’s all in the first minute)

Naturally, I wanted to talk to the author of the study quoted, Bart Verheggen. You can guess the rest.