Media Matters: Climate Change and Terror

December 15, 2015

After all, when have Fox News pundits ever been wrong?

Media Matters:

Fox News pundits have spent much of the past year mockinganddismissing comments by President Obama, Democratic presidential candidates and others who have described the connection that climate change has to terrorism and the rise of the jihadist group ISIS. But as world leaders strive for an ambitious agreement at the conclusion of the United Nations climate change conference in Paris — the site of horrific terrorist attacks by ISIS in November — it’s more important than ever that Americans and people around the world recognize the relationship between global warming and global security.

Here is my recent video on the connection between the Syrian crisis and climate.

Below, former Reagan advisor Bruce Bartlett describes the damage that the “Fox News bubble” does to the Republican party, keeping them, among other things, in lockstep on science denial.


4 Responses to “Media Matters: Climate Change and Terror”

  1. lorne50 Says:

    Really you have to be John cook nobody else can be this flipping CRAZY

    • dumboldguy Says:

      A comment about “crazy” from someone who is on the inside of “crazy” and looking out through the bars

      NOTE TO LORNE’S KEEPERS: He’s loose! Round him up and strap him back in his chair in front of the TV so he can continue to watch Fox News 24/7.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      Cook and Sinclair are two of the greats, of this age. In a time when the fossil-fueled ‘info-verse’ decided ‘Climate Change’ was somewhere between a ‘non-issue’ and an outright ‘communist conspiracy’, these two stood up and made the right choice. We are all lucky they came along.

      I’m someone who got paid to study Atmospheric Science as a PhD candidate in the early 1980’s. While I only lasted a year, before returning to Mechanical Engineering, I understood that the LEAST controversial thing in Atmospheric Science, at that time, was Global Warming. So, allow me the ‘latitude’ to think that what wasn’t controversial, among the experts, 30 years ago, is the most uncontroversial item in Sciences existence, today.

  2. Dr. Steve Hansen Says:

    From whom did the cartoon at the bottom of this come from?

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