Climate Agreement: The View from Space

December 13, 2015

Worth your time.

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”
– Marshall McLuhan

6 Responses to “Climate Agreement: The View from Space”

  1. indy222 Says:

    Very moving, Peter. I’m setting a link to this.

    Now, pair this with “Frosty the Coalman” video. The moral, intellectual, and psychological distances going out far far away, to Big Oil and the Right Wing, will be too stark for anyone to not “get”.

  2. […] Hat tip to Climate Denial Crock of the Week. […]

  3. firstdano Says:

    Tremendous. And the concept is very forceful.



  4. ubrew12 Says:

    This is actually kinda important. Many people, including engineers like me, believe that, among the spacecraft we should be supporting as we venture out into Space, is the Spacecraft that nurtured us. And that’s not ‘Green’: that’s just good engineering.

  5. Bravo Zulu.

    To extend McLuhan’s quote:

    We are all crew of Planet Earth – there is no pilot.

    Well done all, keep up the good work and may there be many more winter seasons.

  6. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Thanks Peter, that was beautiful and very moving.
    This is what we are fighting for.

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