Denier For Hire. It’s Still a Thing.

December 12, 2015


6 Responses to “Denier For Hire. It’s Still a Thing.”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    One of the people named is Professor William Happer of Princeton University who has also been chairman of the “George C. Marshall Institute” since 2006. Some many recall that Roy Spencer (of UAH dataset fame) is a board member.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      You will also find Happer on the list of folks Fred Singer consulted when he was whining about “Merchants of Doubt” and asking for advice on how to counter the damage it was doing to the deniers and Heartland. Note that Judith Curry is on there, as well as Bast, Michaels, Morano, Spencer, Soon, Watts, and even our own useless denier POS Russell Cook. Isn’t it strange that these names are always showing up with links to one another? (Like a bunch of inbreds from Deliverance Land). Go to desmogblog and explore just how inbred they are, and remember the immortal words of Happer, “I didn’t take a dime, you sonofabitch”

      Ron Arnold
      Timothy Ball
      Joseph “Joe” Bast
      Joe Bastardi
      Michael Bastasch
      William Briggs
      Russell Cook
      Judith Curry
      Joe D’Aleo
      James Delingpole
      David Paul Driessen
      James Enstrom
      Steve Goddard
      Pierre Gosselin
      Greenie Watch
      William Happer
      Jim Lakely
      Patrick J. Michaels
      Steven J. Milloy
      Christopher Monckton
      Marc Morano
      Joanne Nova
      Roger Pielke Sr. (Or Roger Pielke Jr. – Unclear in Email)
      Thomas P. Sheahen
      S. Fred Singer
      Wei-Hock (Willie) Soon
      Roy Spencer
      James Taylor
      Anthony Watts

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