PBS Newshour Paris Update

November 30, 2015


Below, a report on Asia’s choking fossil fuel smog.


5 Responses to “PBS Newshour Paris Update”

  1. Two points: First, Gwen Ifill’s interview of Seth Borenstein and Michael Levi was, by my updated count now, the 533rd time going back to 1996 in which the NewsHour did not offer its viewers a solitary mention of the skeptic side of the issue. More on my count here, in case any of you might think I’m pulling a “dumbolddog” facetious-figure-out-of-the-air stunt: “PBS NewsHour continues its biased global warming coverage” http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/11/pbs_newshour_continues_its_biased_global_warming_coverage.html

    Second, Borenstein once said in his contribution to a Society of Environmental Journalists source recommendations page, “There are libraries on climate change alone. To me they start and end with Ross Gelbspan’s ‘The Heat Is On.'” Yep, you read that right, a major newspaper figure citing another decidedly non-scientist former newspaper guy as the be-all end-all authority on global warming, a fellow widely acclaimed to be a Pulitzer winner / investigative reporter who never once disclosed to the public what investigative efforts he used to ‘expose’ crooked skeptic climate scientists ….. and he never won a Pulitzer.

    Bonus point: not one of you can dispute what I just wrote here. It should be a major wakeup call for y’all.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Ho-hum, Russell is back getting his Whore For Heartland time card punched. And he’s trying to make “points”? LOL.

      First, if his updated count is correct (and Russell is far better known for pulling “facetious-figures-out-of-his-anus” than dumbolddog is), then we should applaud Gwen for the 533rd time for upholding truth on NewsHour and not giving any time to denier bullshit. (And don’t go to American Stinker and up the hit count on Russell’s meaningless article).

      Second, any mention of Gelbspan……ZZZZZZzzzzzz…….!!!!!

      Third, no one here gives a rat’s rear end about “disputing” what Russell says. It’s all BS, and we shouldn’t feed the troll. We can now go back to meaningful discourse and wait for Russell’s next “wakeup” call—-he’ll be back as soon as his bank account needs replenishing.

  2. otter17 Says:

    Yeah, and where is the equal time for flat-earth scientists and scientists that only want to espouse the side-effect-free health benefits of cigarettes?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Otter is on lunch break at his junior high school. He’s bored, so he is once again making inane and puerile comments. Why can’t he just spend his time texting his buddies or posting pictures of his lunch on FB like the other 8th. graders?

      • otter17 Says:

        I hope somebody didn’t hijack your account. I am merely making some light of Russell’s comment above. It is a great PBS piece because they brought on two policy experts in the subject, not two dueling positions, one from a legitimate source, and the other that receives monetary donations from a conflict of interest source.

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