New Record for Major Hurricanes

November 30, 2015


Plot of N Hem major hurricanes by year since 1970. 2015 has 30, 7 more than the previous record of 23 (1997 & 2004).

Graph from Phil Klotzbach via Twitter.

Major Hurricanes, that is, Category 3 or stronger, since 1970.
Statistically, the season is not over yet.

I have questions about this record, about the measurement of hurricane strength, and whether the record is long enough to be meaningful – but this is certainly suggestive that Kerry Emanuel and others, who have warned about increasing incidence of strong storms with climate change, may be on to something.

2 Responses to “New Record for Major Hurricanes”

  1. mpcraig Says:

    30 major hurricanes this year does not seem correct. I count 2 in the Atlantic and 11 in the Pacific.

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