Weekend Wonk Bonus: Amory Lovins on Disrupting Oil Markets

November 29, 2015

Amory Lovins has the kind of track record that makes him always worth a listen.
Here, he expands the discussion around volatile oil and gas prices, in the context of an energy paradigm shift.

Below – a descriptive video about a cool game-changing-for-the developing-world-gadget that Lovins mentions above.

4 Responses to “Weekend Wonk Bonus: Amory Lovins on Disrupting Oil Markets”

  1. petermogensen Says:

    Regarding the danish 180% tax on new cars. (which has just been lowered to 150% btw)….

    It’s not as simple as it sounds. Having such a high tax has a lot of unintended consequences. For starters it keeps a lot of old cars with bad safety running on the roads.
    It’s also not per actual use (and thus CO2 emissions), but for owning the car at all.

    A lot of Danes hopes for the tax to go away and be replaced by something directly related to emissions.

  2. Bobaspergersr2@aol.com Says:

    The very best of the best brings us up to date and into the future. Thanks Peter, Bob

  3. andrewfez Says:

    I thought a combo of cheap alcohol burning lamps and an increase in taxes on whale oil to pay for the Civil War was what finished off the latter’s market share.

    Those Wakawaka lamps are light 40 bucks on Amazon, and the ones with the phone/tablet charger are 80 bucks. They’re probably priced differently in different markets, but even with a good mark down are still a bit pricey for folks living on $2/day equivalent.

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