“The Existential Threat…”

November 29, 2015

CBS News coverage of today’s events in Paris.

5 Responses to ““The Existential Threat…””

  1. It won’t be binding and it won’t be enough, but there is a way to be helpful at the other end of the scale, not huge “trickle down” programs, but people-powered “bubble up” programs encompassed in MIT Climate CoLab Global Climate Action Plan competition at http://climatecolab.org/web/guest/plans/-/plans/contestId/1302401/phaseId/1311013/planId/1324201
    Please click on the link, register and vote.

  2. peterangelo Says:

    shame these reports don’t do a breakdown of the individual countries INDC’s and take this golden moment to educate viewers more on the why this meeting is so important. grpahics, charts, and some geography would be very helpful but alas it is the MSM.

  3. People need to get this story straight. The climate activists did not engage in throwing anything. Some were lying on the ground. When they did that, the Paris police decided to use tear gas. I was watching live today on MSNBC and the reporter there clearly stated this.

    Later, members of the anarchistic group Black Bloc began throwing things at the police. The Black Bloc has nothing to do with the climate activists.

    • We get Black Bloc anarchists out here in Seattle. Whether its labor or environmentalists protesting the WTO in 1999, the 99%ers protesting concentration of wealth and power, or the most recent Black Lives Count protesting the senseless murder of blacks by law enforcement, Black Bloc protesters are but a tiny minority. They stand for nothing, hide behind legitimate protesters, then with every window they break and rock they hurl at police provide protest critics that with which to tar those who peaceably strive for real change. They might as well be establishment plants. They effectively protect that which they claim they want to tear down.

  4. lorne50 Says:

    It did look in BAD taste to destroy a 2 week old monument to those that died sad really that people would think this moves whatever forward SHAME ON THEM $HITHOLES .

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