Jessica Jones: Spooky, Dark, and Totally Feminine Ass Kicking

November 22, 2015

Netflix is on a roll with it’s run of second-tier superhero series. Daredevil was very, very good – the new Jessica Jones is, at least – 3 binged episodes in, stunning.


The first thing that jumps out about Jessica Jones, the new Netflix series about a “gifted” private investigator running both from and toward her haunted past, is how startlingly different it is than anything Marvel Studios has done to this point. It’s dark, funny, edgy, spooky, and through the first seven episodes, there’s barely a whiff of capes or costumes. The second thing that jumps out is that it’s really, really good.

After watching the trailers for the series, I became obsessed with the background song. Found it.


2 Responses to “Jessica Jones: Spooky, Dark, and Totally Feminine Ass Kicking”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    “Jessica Jones” might be the best program that was ever put on TV. In the number two spot (for writing, acting, photography, music) is Marvel’s other program “Daredevil”. One good reason for subscribing to NetFlix

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