Obama Mocks (among other things) Climate Denial Conspiracy Theories

November 3, 2015

Barack Obama has a promising career in stand-up once he’s done with this President thing.

Note: video  above is somewhat repetitive with a few highlights.

Yahoo News:

Appearing on Broadway for one night only: Barack Obama, in a solo comedy act roasting the Republican Party.

The president left a crowd of more than 1,300 in stiches on Monday night at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, home to the hit musical “Hamilton” about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The cast staged a special performance for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser, with Obama as the encore.

Tweaking Republicans who question climate change, Obama likened it to having 99 out of 100 doctors tell someone they have diabetes and having that person brush it off as a conspiracy.

“All 99 of those doctors got together — with Obama — to try to prevent me from having bacon and doughnuts,” Obama said to laughter in the ornate Times Square theater. “It’d be funny — except this is about climate change. This was an analogy.”

He recalled incredulously how a GOP senator stood on the floor of the Senate with a snowball to question global warming, and whipped out a phrase perhaps borrowed from one of his daughters. “It’s cray!” he said.

One Response to “Obama Mocks (among other things) Climate Denial Conspiracy Theories”

  1. That was really funny!

    (unfortunately, it repeated three times within the one video…)

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