Some Conspiracy Nuts Aren’t Funny

October 31, 2015

Below, former conspiracy nut wakes up.

2 Responses to “Some Conspiracy Nuts Aren’t Funny”

  1. j4zonian Says:

    I didn’t really know whether the Earth was round or not, since I didn’t trust more than a hundred thousand papers written by tens of thousands of the best scientists in the world, or the obvious geometric proofs, or my own eyes, so I gathered, with GREAT effort and brilliance on my part, 20 or so of the best scientists in the world, and by golly, it turns out the Earth is round! Who knew???

    Wow. Has anyone been able to explain this lunatic? There’s been so much discussion about his former publicly-stated beliefs and his conversion; how is it possible that someone who was so utterly blind before was suddenly able to see? Shouldn’t we have people looking into proven miracles like that?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Is there a science-based question in there somewhere? Doesn’t appear to be—-it looks like our latest resident narcissist Jeffy4Z is again merely demonstrating his self-imagined command of sarcasm—-he seems quite pleased with himself, too. Hand him the perfumed sleeve hanky! (And try to ignore the fact that our third president is spinning in his grave over Jeffy’s appropriation of his name and reputation).

      A lunatic? Simply because he did what real scientists do?—examined the factual evidence and modified his opinions accordingly? Yes, perhaps we should have “people looking into proven miracles like that”—-how about those psychologists who Jeffy seems to think are scientists? And while they’re at it, perhaps they can look into the “proven miracle” of Jeffy’s narcissism and his belief that smug and self-satisfied sarcasm contributes anything to this discussion.

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