Severe Weather Brings Creeping Realization to Americans…

October 31, 2015

I’ve been seeing the Ad spot above at our local cinema the last few months.
Strikes me as somehow touching on the realization that’s creeping up on a lot of people.

We might be in a little trouble…

KXAN Austin:

ALL-TIME 24 HR RAIN RECORD SMASHED AT ABIA (Austin Bergstrom International Airport): 14.54” today. Previous record: 8.70” on 11/23/1974.

WETTEST MONTH ON RECORD AT ABIA: 22.08″ this month. Previous record: 15.59 in June, 1981.

*Record daily rainfall at Camp Mabry: 4.92”. Now 52.33” in 2015—3rd wettest on record since 1891, with 2 months remaining in the year. Record is 64.68” in 1919.

*Record daily rainall at ABIA: 14.54”. Now 55.26” in 2015—2nd wettest year on record since 1942, with 2 months remaining in year. Record is 55.74” in 1957.

The stranded motorist was rescued.

This isn’t from Hurricane Patricia. That was last week.

Severe weather is expected to continue in the Southern Plains throughout the weekend.

“The threats are two-fold. First, warm and very humid air coupled with an approaching southward dip in the jet stream will spawn severe thunderstorms, some of which may spawn tornadoes, in Texas and the Deep South through Saturday,” said meteorologist Jon Erdman. “Secondly, areas of slow-moving, heavy rain will trigger flash flooding in Texas and Oklahoma through early Saturday, then spread into the Lower Mississippi Valley and Deep South later Saturday. This flood threat includes San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.”


When public opinion shifts this much in a single survey, a bit of skepticism is justified. (You can take a look at the methodology here.) Yet these results are precisely in line with a separate survey published this month by the University of Michigan, which found that 56 percent of Republicans believe there’s solid evidence to support global warming, up from 47 percent a year ago. The Michigan poll also found bipartisan agreement with climate science at the highest level since 2008.

The changing views by Republicans could strand some of the leading presidential candidates in an increasingly unpopular position. Many in the party reject mainstream climate science, and not just at the margins. Republican leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and top presidential contenders Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio all articulate views that would be considered extreme in other countries.1


4 Responses to “Severe Weather Brings Creeping Realization to Americans…”

  1. The first video ad for the civilian humvee seems a tad ironic. I have wanted to make up some stickers showing a cloud of smoke coming out of the tailpipe of a humvee, “I’m changing the world… Ask me how!” Those vehicles are perfect for that little run down to the convenience store when you need another bag of chips.

    • earlosatrun Says:

      Would you mind terribly if I ordered some of those bumper stickers to be made my me up here?

      I think that’s a great idea. I’ll order magnetic ones, so they can’t charge me with vandalism.

  2. PS

    The stickers would be for any humvees I might find in the neighborhood. Being on the edge of downtown Seattle I don’t see that many of them, though. Owners would find parking much more of a hassle than if they got a vehicle that is closer to the size of their existential needs. I have noticed that humvees are more common in suburbia, where people watching FOX in their living rooms find the world on the other side of their front door so threatening.

  3. Says:

    Buy high on a Texas hill.

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