Warm Enough for You? GOP Groping Towards Climate Reality..

October 29, 2015

The Hill:

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), who is facing a tough reelection contest next year, is touting her support for the Obama administration’s climate rule for power plants.

In a web video released by her campaign on Wednesday, Ayotte highlighted her support for the Clean Power Plan, saying it “will help address climate change” in the years ahead.

“As your atorney general, I fought to protect New Hampshire from out of state polluters, and I’ve done the same in the Senate, crossing the aisle to protect New Hampshire’s clean air and water,” Ayotte said in the 30-second video.

“Now, I’m supporting the Clean Power Plan, which will help address climate change with clean energy solutions that preserve our environment.”

Ayotte’s support for the climate rule — and her willingness to publicize it — is in sharp contrast to many other Republicans in the Senate.

A group led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) introduced a series of resolutions to undo President Obama’s power plant rules this week, and the Senate is expected to vote on them later this fall.

In a floor speech on Tuesday, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said he expects a vote against the resolutions to be a political problem for some senators, saying the votes will “[force] accountability by people who are answerable to the public.”

But in New Hampshire, circumstances might be different. Ayotte faces a stiff challenge next year from Gov. Maggie Hassan, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the Senate race and has already attacked the senator on climate issues.

Miami New Times:

The science is conclusive. Vast swaths of Miami-Dade will someday be underwater thanks to rising sea levels caused by carbon emissions. How much of Miami-Dade ends up underwater, however, may depend on what we do now to curb carbon emissions.

So it’s quite odd that Attorney General Pam Bondi announced on Friday she’s joining a lawsuit with the attorney generals of 23 other states against the Obama administration’s requirements to curb those carbon emissions.

Bondi doesn’t really want to talk about it, though. When she was asked yesterday about the cause of climate change, she told a Politico reporter, “I’m not going to get into a philosophical discussion with you about climate change.”

Now state Rep. José Javier Rodriguez, a Miami Democrat, has sent a letter to Bondi inviting her to take a look at what is already happening to her own state.

“When a new study released this month projects a potential five-foot rise in the sea level in South Florida, it is hard to see how this is a philosophical issue,” writes Rodriguez.

“Planning for and responding to the effects of climate change are imperatives, not philosophical matters to be debated. Florida holds 40% or more of the population living on potentially affected land, and Miami is first out of all cities in Florida for total exposure of homes on land below three feet for cities over 100,000 in population. I would like to extend an invitation to you and your team to come to Miami-Dade County to learn first-hand why climate change requires action not debate. I look forward to your response.”

The letter echoes Democratic Senator Bill Nelson’s invitation earlier this month for his U.S. Senate colleagues to visit Miami Beach and see the effects of sea-level rise on high tides in the city for themselves.

Bondi, a former Fox News legal analyst, has not responded to the invitation. However, she maintains that finding ways to curb carbon emissions “trample our states’ rights and drastically increase electricity prices in Florida.”

5 Responses to “Warm Enough for You? GOP Groping Towards Climate Reality..”

  1. Republican legislators are cowards. They know it’s happening. I even think Inhofe knows. Maybe cowards is the wrong term. More like scam artists with silver tongues.

  2. So Kelly….since you are so “concerned” about our environment, how much time have you spent telling your friends on the Science & Technology committee to quit lying about climate change?

    How much time have you spent talking to Sentaor Inhoffe and telling HIME to quit lying about climate change?

    How much time have you spent with others in politics from YOUR PARTY like Rick Santorum and tell him to quit lying about climate change?

    How much time have you spent telling FOX News to quit lying about climate change and start acting like a NEWS ORGANIZATION instead?

    Just wondering Kelly…….after all….you SAY you are concerned about climate change……I think it’s actually time to start “walking the talk.”

    • otter17 Says:

      With a little research into her party, she ought to switch by all logic. That quote from Frank Luntz indicating that they knew the scientific case is closing against them, but not yet closed, is enough on its own.

  3. indy222 Says:

    Just heard on CNBC – the Republicans are not going to include NBC in their February debate – the reason? Because they didn’t honor their “promise” to stick only to economic issues. Apparently, any hint of “the Issue Who’s Name Shall Not Be Spoken” was actually “spoken”, however tentatively, this past week.
    Someone be nice and buy some snorkles for those Gulf Coast states and their presidential hopefuls.

    • otter17 Says:

      I should rewatch the clips where they mentioned the “the Issue Who’s Name Shall Not Be Spoken”. I must have missed it among all the complaining about tough questions concerning the validity of the economic plans.

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