Hidden Camera Captures Science Committee Deliberations

October 29, 2015

A hidden camera recording of the US House Science Committee has come to light, thanks to an intrepid whistle blower.

11 Responses to “Hidden Camera Captures Science Committee Deliberations”

  1. Hey Peter? From what movie is this clip? Choice find, friend. ^5 High five!

  2. earlosatrun Says:

    Yes, I think the man’s right. Scientists do want to rule the world.

    As long as you’re talking about using a ruler to measure every little dang thing.

    Yes, certainly they want to rule the world.


  3. That’s a great summary of the global warming scam – I’ll put it on my blog right away!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Great! (But does anyone visit your blog or do you mostly talk to yourself there?)

      • earlosatrun Says:

        I visited. I didn’t bother to post, nor did I finish the cut and paste job from another denier site. (I doubt he wrote everything there, dunno why.)

        Oh, and he didn’t post this on his blog either.

        Glad I could help.

  4. Oh noes. Our warmist agenda has been outed! I fear it may be our downfall; especially if it’s secret number 21… oops.

  5. How odd! They look just like the guys on the Benghazi committee!

  6. Moira and I watched Young Frankenstein last night, her pick. I wouldn’t have know it was from that movie had it not been for the coincidence. We were thinking Dr. Strangelove for tonight – but she may now have something else in mind. I tend to be flexible about such things. It’s really the company that matters.

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