“Steve Jobs” is Insanely Great

October 26, 2015

Totally wowed by this one.

3 Responses to ““Steve Jobs” is Insanely Great”

  1. I once had some dealings with Steve Jobs back when Apple was a garage operation. I had bought an early Apple 1 and I was having some trouble configuring it. We had a few telephone conversations.

    I would later sell it to someone in Hawaii. That deal cause me to lose out on about 200 thousand dollars!

  2. neilrieck Says:

    Anyone who read Walter Isaacson’s biography titled “Steve Jobs” knows that this recent film hits closer to the truth. Jobs may have been a gifted marketing person but his knowledge of electronics (according to Steve Wozniak whom I first met in 2010) was abysmal -AND- Jobs once admitted to Bill Gates that he (Jobs) never learned to write scripts let alone write a program. He loved technology more than people ans so crapped on most people around him.

    The best line I heard recently was from no other than John Scully who commented on Jobs “Reality Distortion Field” being strong enough to upset everything except Moore’s Law. Everyone at Apple new the first Mac (also called Mac-128k) was trying to do too much with too little. Jobs was advised to wait an additional 12-18 months for the prices of memory and micros to drop but Jobs just had to release the first Mac in 1984 because of the association with the title of the George Orwell story “1984”. That black-and-white machine was promised to cost $500 but was sold at $2400. A year later you could by an upgrade to take you to 512k which made the machine a little more usable. Apple doesn’t support color in this product line until 1987 when they released the Macintosh II at an introductory price of $5500

    So let me end with this. If Jobs was a genius as may people claim then what the hell happened at NeXT Computers?

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