The Sound of Skeptics

October 22, 2015

Hello skeptics not our friends, we’ve come to share with you again
Data proving that the Earth’s warming is a phenomenon that we’re causing
Because the carbon that we burn with such little care has warmed the air among the sound of skeptics

It’s not as if this is unknown, the trends consistently have shown
That global sea levels are rising, But our governments are left compromising
And the public misinformed by your false logic and cherry picks, still hear the sound of skeptics

In the AR5 we saw projections that left us in awe
Droughts and floods without warning, less Arctic sea ice forming
and the cure? We have to cut our emissions bare
But still you dare create the sound of skeptics

What else will we need to show before you’ll agree it’s time we go
Build infrastructure that’s sustainable, an RCP that is attainable?
But propaganda that you spread for the average joe just steals the show and promotes the sound of skeptics.

One Response to “The Sound of Skeptics”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    The latest issue of skeptic magazine ( ) contains a story about a contest Alfred Russel Wallace entered to prove the Earth was round. Every citizen today should read this story along with reactions by his opponent who believed data from Wallace’s experiment proved the Earth was flat. Wallace was declared the winner and so won 500 pounds but lost it all in court costs when his opponent would not stop personal attacks on Wallace while refusing to accept the obvious. Why would the courts allow this? Remember that this occurred in Victorian England at a time where many respectable people where spiritualists and attended seances.

    The point I am trying to make is this: today’s deniers claim to be on the side of Galileo but they are really “flat Earthers”.

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