Miami’s Creeping Realization Keeps On Creeping On

October 22, 2015

Toward an endless bailout.


Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin sent a letter last week to South Florida members of Congress urging for the creation of a Federal Resiliency Superfund.

This is another instance of South Florida’s local governments seeking to plan ahead for the effects of sea-level rise.

Ruvin says: “The proposal basically calls upon the federal government to play a part in what has to be an intergovernmental partnership to attack issues from climate change impact such as sea level rise.”

He says changes in ocean levels threaten $6 trillion worth state property as well as the lives of the millions of South Floridians.

Ruvin says there is no specific amount of money the superfund should have for sea-level rise management projects.

“We’re looking at a whole redoing of the water management district systems for controlling the water. Once we get that all together, we’ll be able to do the math,” Ruvin says.

With the Superfund, Ruvin expects the creation of a jobs program that will enhance the economy and reduce financial pressure on FEMA in the long term.

At the moment, Ruvin has not received any response from state congressional members. He says his office has also reached out to several groups in Washington that represent local governments.

7 Responses to “Miami’s Creeping Realization Keeps On Creeping On”

  1. So when are the citizens of the US….and specifically Florida in this case….going to hold the people Rick Scott accountable?

    Scott touts himself as a conservative. I am a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE…and I can tell you that I DO NOT LIKE subsidizing homeowners on the coast to the tune of $2,400 a year for EACH homeowners insurance. You multiply that by the number of homes along the coast….and you get to some SERIOUS money.

    No TRUE FISCAL CONSERVATIVE would think that subsidies of that magnitude are good. And they CERTAINLY aren’t CONSERVATIVE.

    I wish the good folks of Florida would start to hold their governor, Rick Scott, ACCOUNTABLE for his liberal policy when it comes to subsidizing flood insurance.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Have I got this right? This stooge in South Florida wants everyone in the country to chip in to a Superfund that will protect Floridians from the consequences of their actions—-like building in places that are going to be inundated?

    Yes, that is a true “conservative” move—-privatize the benefits of living on the coast and whatever profit can be made by developing and selling property there, while socializing the costs of the upcoming SLR disaster. I’m sure the folks in WY and ND will not be happy to kick in for FL. But wait! They’re playing the same game! Crap up the environment to dig coal and frack oil, keep the profits, and expect everyone else to suck up the external costs.

  3. earlosatrun Says:

    My sister is talking about moving to Florida. She likes the low price of land, due to foreclosures. Hey, her husband is earning over 100k/year, she and he should be rewarded, no? He works very hard, on the Exxon rigs.

    I’ve pointed her to this website, she says she’ll buy in the North of the state. I’m wondering when the old jokes about buying Florida Swampland are going to be coming back.

    It’s almost like, that which doesn’t affect her personally doesn’t exist. She’s terrified of the low probability that some person is going to come and take her stuff, maybe even attack her. But the concept of Climate Change is something that she’ll blithely ignore.

    Maybe I should have encouraged her to buy on the coast.

  4. skeptictmac57 Says:

    Six trillion dollars!!! That puts the Florida coast ‘boat’ in the ‘Too big to “bail” ‘ category.
    But never fear, that property will be worth far less than that in short order. Maybe by several orders of magnitude I would guess.
    Sell now people of S. Florida. Get out while the delusion is still alive.

  5. Superb presentation, Peter.

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