More Mike Mann: “It’s Worse than we Thought..”

October 12, 2015

11 Responses to “More Mike Mann: “It’s Worse than we Thought..””

  1. Yes….truly “shocking” that those in the fossil fuel industry, and those receiving money FROM the fossil fuel industry…..have been lying for the last 30 years or more about global warming.

    So what is going to be the accountability for the likes of Sean Hannity, Joe Bastardi, George Will, the Heartland Institute, Kock Industries…..and whole host of others?

  2. indy222 Says:

    yes; I’m shocked. SHOCKED! to find lying going on here!

  3. Reblogged this on Move for Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jam and commented:
    Michael E. Mann was vilified and nearly driven out of his job for talking about our converging environmental and crises as all graphing like the line of a hockey stick. He was dragged into the ‘climategate’ controversy and personally targeted by Sen James ‘climate change is a hoax’ Inhofe. His reputation was nearly destroyed, even though he was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing by the EPA and the Office of the Inspector General.

    Thus, Dr. Mann errs on the side of caution when talking about the implications of the warming his researchers are seeing. But if Mann is being this forthright about the schism between the ‘conventional’ views on climate change and what his modeling is showing, things are bad and getting worse.

    • Agreed. And it is becoming very clear that the climate is heating up faster than the scientists predicted. I see that FOX News has tried to create an “outlet” for themselves by having Sheppard Smith serve as the “lone soldier” for FOX to report on climate change.

      However….that doesn’t take away from 30 years of FOX News LYING ABOUT IT.

  4. redskylite Says:

    A point echoed in the Yale Environment E360 (12th Oct), in a post regarding The Rapid and Startling Decline of World’s Vast Boreal Forests. The Canadian authorities are trying to control/suppress the release of information to the public, fortunately NASA just launched a large-scale research project called ABoVE — Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment to study the problems. Ecosystems are dying and disappearing, locked away carbon dioxide and methane in permafrost are in danger of being exposed.

    “Should things warm faster or go higher, the changes could come faster and be deeper or different than modelled. And many changes could simply be unpredictable.”

  5. Anyone who actually knows scientists, knows that scientists are NOT generally extremists or alarmists. In fact, that might be considered a pitfall of the scientific mind, too analytical even when the house is burning down.

  6. Kiwiiano Says:

    Aw come on, everybody knows it’s all a hoax, even the so-called collapse of the major ice caps is only fiddled figures and the sea can’t possibly be rising, the Guv of Florida won’t permit it to.

    Yeah, right!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      You’re not allowed to properly address sea level rise in VA or NC either, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jindal doesn’t allow it in LA either. Denialists all.

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