Bill Maher on the Pope’s Science

September 26, 2015

9 Responses to “Bill Maher on the Pope’s Science”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    A great clip—-one of the best 5 minutes ever from Maher and crew—-they all get the irony and presented it well.

    My favorite line was—-“Do bad shit unto others, as they do bad shit unto you…” Classic Repugnant ethics and moral philosophy (and maybe it will be part of the GOP platform for 2016?).

    • MorinMoss Says:

      “…..and maybe it will be part of the GOP platform for 2016”

      Don’t you mean again? Or better yet, still?
      The entire leadership and any who wish to be panderer-in-chief have been playing to the worst instincts of the raving lunatic base for YEARS.

      When the Teabaggers started showing up at the Obamacare town halls open-carrying and no one on the right thought that was disrespectful, the message was clear.

      But when the 5 or 6 guys who are pretty much the entire New Black Panther Party were hanging around polling stations, the rightwingnuts needed to super-size their adult diapers.

      • A correction. That polling station incident that appeared repeatedly on Fox News involved one “New Black Panther”. The other guy was a security guard. Fox also edited the video to include some screed on “cracker babies” from another video.

        The polling place was in a black community so that the alleged Black Panther wasn’t going to run into many white folks that he was railing on about. In addition, there’s no such thing as the “New Black Panther Party” according to the old Black Panthers. They never heard of these people, and it appears that membership involves no more than a handful of people. However, that’s enough to stir up the wrath of right wing media.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Yep, and I saw followups from more sensible news sources that claimed the “one black guy” that showed up was not intimidating anyone at all, but was trying to be helpful. Such is the need of the right wing to make something out of nothing.

          I fully expect to see on Fox News one day—-“The commie-socialist-Marxist-Nazi-Obama loving scientists are plotting against your body fluids—-they’re making the SUN come up every day and rain UV rays down on you”. Followed by an admonition to “Crawl into the darkness under the rock of ignorance with us and be saved!”

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