“We Need Global Warming”. Trump or Colbert?

September 23, 2015

Stephen Colbert attempts to stump Donald Trump. Global Warming comes up.

9 Responses to ““We Need Global Warming”. Trump or Colbert?”

  1. I wish the media and entertainment shows (Colbert included) would stop giving this psychotic fucking asshole a platform.

    I guess they like bags of cash just as much as Trump does.

    • skeptictmac57 Says:

      If I know Colbert, his goal is not so much giving these guys a platform, as much as giving them some rope.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        That’s fine as long as he eventually loops the “rope” around their necks a few times and pulls it tight. IMO, if one doesn’t get “rude” with these guys and instead plays nice, the low-IQ types in the audience will take that as agreement with their positions (and even endorsement of them).

        I think Colbert and Trump were just helping boost each other’s ratings.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    “Global warming comes up”? Where?

    I couldn’t manage to stay up long enough to watch this last night and was hoping someone would post any significant parts of it. This is not it. Was it anything but another Trump PR “opportunity”?

    Since I missed the “show”, I’m gong to wander over to watch the Koi in my neighbor’s pond later. Every time I look at that mouth on Trump, that’s what I think of—-a carp with hair.

    And did everyone catch him sucking up to Chick Todd? Trump now “likes him a lot”. IMO, that moron who is now the NBC “political director” is less likable every time he shows his face. They should replace him with Brian Williams. Soon.

    • John Nab Says:

      Chuck Todd is such a wimp interviewer….and he should shave that frontal growth off his face.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        You and I are in total agreement. If Chuckie shaved that growth on his face, he would then LOOK like the child he so often sounds like, and that’s probably why he keeps it. Actually, he has been letting it grow out a tiny bit in the “soul patch” area lately, perhaps because he thinks it gives him more gravitas?.

    • jimbills Says:

      It came up in an earlier radio interview, I know:

      “unless somebody can prove something to me, I believe there‚Äôs weather”

      Can you imagine talking reason with this guy?

      So, yeah, this is America today.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen what Carp Face has said about global warming in other places. He has had made several rather stupid comments on the topic, thereby staying in character with his positions on almost everything.

        Sorry to see that Colbert will not be following in Jon Stewart’s footsteps as an expositor of truth. He apparently wants to just entertain us (and rake in the bigger bucks) in his new gig—-this most definitely IS America today. Too bad.

        • greenman3610 Says:

          AGW came up at 1:11. And I think Colbert is doing a good job – he’s had Cruz and Trump on back to back, and was able to walk a line between challenging their pet ideas, and not being rude. Watch the rest of the trump interview, and the cruz interview at the Colbert Youtube channel. I find it hopeful that he is making a practice of at least bringing up real events, as opposed the usual starlet-selling-a-movie format.

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