Fox News Panel “Shocked” at Papal Climate Remarks

September 23, 2015

Spittle flecked rage by Stuart Varney of Fox News following the Pope’s opening remarks today, emphasizing climate change.

It’s enough to warm your heart.

10 Responses to “Fox News Panel “Shocked” at Papal Climate Remarks”

  1. uknowispeaksense Says:

    These people live in an alternate reality, a bit like Monty Python’s Camelot, a rather silly place.

  2. jimbills Says:

    What we have is someone who thinks that others are of the utmost importance getting comments from people who think that they are of the utmost importance. It freaks them out because instead of dealing with some hippy or liberal they can automatically demonize, they are talking about a religious leader, and one who represents a portion of their particular religion (i.e. what’s important to them, and what is them).

    Their enfeebled brains can’t handle it well, and so they rush to rationalizations to explain it away. The Pope is talking politics to them instead of issues of justice and morality, and they can’t see it any other way. They want the Pope to be just like them, and can’t understand why he’s not.

    • The problem is that the Pope isn’t dealing with the issue politically. He’s not telling anyone how to deal with the problem. He’s not advocating any ideology. All he’s saying is that climate change is an issue that’s serious and should be dealt with.

      The Republicans on the other hand have made it a political issue by attacking science itself.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    “spittle-flecked” indeed! And it definitely warms my heart to hear them scrabbling around and trying to “spin” the Pope’s comments.

    Here’s a clip that shows a bunch of Faux News panelists, anchors, reporters, and writers as they attempt to deal with the truth of AGW and the Pope’s speech.

    WARNING—-it’s a bit graphic and violent—-but IMO perfectly fitting.

    Anyone who has a weak stomach may want to watch this clip instead. (Didn’t know the Pope was such good yodeler, and don’t the Faux Newsies look cute in their green suits?).

  4. climatebob Says:

    Only in America is climate change a political subject. In the rest of the world it is science. America needs to wake up.

  5. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Wow. The guy’s totally obsessed with trying to keep climate change out of the headlines and under the carpet yet mentions it countless times!

    Reality is starting to prick the bubble they have created for themselves.
    Get popcorn!

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