Soo Prahz. UK Poll Shows people Prefer Wind Turbines to Frack Wells

September 7, 2015

Wow. Who would have imagined…?


People would much rather have wind turbines near their house than fracking wells, a survey suggests.


Preferred by Wind baggers

Asked if they would prefer a wind turbine erected or a shale gas well drilled near their home, 65% of more than 2,000 people polled favoured the turbine, with just 14% backing the shale gas operation.

Despite recent moves by the Conservatives to curb onshore wind and other renewables while going “all out for shale”, Tory supporters were also more in favour of wind than shale, with 58% opting for a turbine and 23% for a well.

The polling by ICM for Co-operative Energy found solar was the most popular choice for electricity generation, with 30% saying it was their most preferred source, while just 2% most wanted to get their power from shale or fracked gas.

Soo-Prahz, soo-prahz, soo-prahz

Soo-Prahz, soo-prahz, soo-prahz

More than half (53%) of those quizzed were likely to support a wind turbine within two miles of their home, with just 19% likely to oppose such a development, while the backing for locally-sited solar farms was even higher.

Among Conservative supporters, backing for wind turbines or solar farms nearby was lower and opposition higher.

But more than two thirds of people (67%) and almost as many Tory supporters (62%) were in favour of renewables projects near their homes, including wind turbines, if they were controlled and owned by the community with local people benefiting from the profits.


3 Responses to “Soo Prahz. UK Poll Shows people Prefer Wind Turbines to Frack Wells”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Personally I would not mind a wind farm in my own backyard, especially when it might just improve my grandchildren and future generation lives, as well as slowing down many species extinctions (that are in progress today). I have traveled past a nuclear powered electricity generating plant almost daily, when I resided in the South West of the U.K, and have worked in large industrial oil extraction plants, a wind turbine is a thing of great aesthetic beauty in comparison.

    When will all people realize we have to do this, we have to stop coal fired generators. When I see Donald Trump complaining of wind turbines disturbing his game of golf in his mother’s native country of Scotland, I feel sick that such selfish (self-centered) mindsets exist, I’m sure his actions are not welcomed in Scotland as he flashes his Trump Tartan around.

    However after watching this video from Yale E360, I can see there are some genuine reservations and reasons for not wanting turbines in “your own backyard”. Some concerns I can respect.

  2. sotexguy Says:

    One question neglected or not included in these surveys is ‘None of the above’.

    I am watching one of these turbine farms spring up here in the coastal plain of Texas. A monumental project and in some ways awe-inspiring. Yet it’s little appreciated by those trumpeting the benefits of wind-energy the extent of the destruction and disruption that attends these ‘farms’. And including loss of nature.

    And make no mistake these turbine farms are huge industrial undertakings.. mountains of coal and lakes of petroleum are burned in the process. The mining, refining, fabrication and transportation are all energy intensive. I and most every thinking person wants to think that wind energy is better, along with solar and some other resources coming online. Yet these are not in fact waste-free, pollution-free or impact-free projects. They are better, but they are not an answer. The real solution is to use much less energy.

    So far? we are trying to develop and build our way out of the problems resulting from too much building and developing.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      “….we are trying to develop and build our way out of the problems resulting from too much building and developing” says it all.

      And the “real solution” to using much less energy is to have far fewer humans on the planet. We are working towards that goal by “trying to develop and build our way out of the problems resulting from too much building and developing”. Be patient—-when the SHTF sometime in the not-too-distant future, Mother Nature will take care of the problems.

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