You Say Denali,..

September 1, 2015


5 Responses to “You Say Denali,..”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Yep, and the Repugs are falling all over themselves in their rage. It’s quite laughable to hear what the morons form Ohio—-Boner, Portman—are saying, and there’s even some Karl Rove foolishness added in.

    McKinley never visited Alaska, and the mountain was named after him mainly because he managed to get himself assassinated. From Wiki:

    “The mountain was unofficially named Mount McKinley in 1896 by a gold prospector, and officially by the United States government in 1917 to commemorate William McKinley, the assassinated U.S. president”.

    “Alaska requested that the mountain be officially recognized as Denali, as it was still the common name used in the state. Attempts by the Alaskan state government to have Mount McKinley’s name changed by the federal government were blocked by members of the Congressional delegation from Ohio, the home state of the mountain’s presidential namesake”. (Good old Repugnicants, doing what they do best—-blocking)

  2. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Denali is not a river in Egypt! 🙂

  3. Alec Sevins Says:

    Here’s a bit of environmental denial: There are already about 250,000 wind turbines installed worldwide, and you can guess how many acres have been blighted by their presence, plus all the places they can be seen from. Who is willing to sit back and watch those impacts double, triple, quadruple, and more? The double-standards for these particular giant machines are unbelievable. They are the biggest structures Man is putting on the landscape, even bigger at sea, yet they’re environmentally OK just because fumes don’t emerge from them? It makes no sense.

    Maine is one of the last big sections of wooded, mountainous areas in the U.S., yet its ridge-lines are targeted by corrupt wind power schemes that destroy pristine scenery and clear-cut thousands of acres. Remember, wind power blight is cumulative and doesn’t fix any coal mining scars (enough of those false comparisons). I’ve yet to see anything but excuses when certain “environmentalists” are asked to explain why sacrificing countless landscapes is OK. It comes off as decidedly anti-environmental. You’d think they’d at least recommend rooftop solar if they cared about green scenery. A number of Appalachian Trail views are under threat from wind turbines, FYI.

    I encourage people to read a thriller called “Killing Maine” by Mike Bond, which has a real environmental tragedy at its core. Maybe it will become a film similar to the fracking story in “Promised Land.” The same greedy machinations are at work in the wind industry but fans of giant fans won’t admit it.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      “You’d think they’d at least recommend rooftop solar if they cared about green scenery.”
      The pure boneheaded cluelessness of this statement would be hard to top, and speaks volumes about the posters reasoning powers.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        “…pure boneheaded cluelessness…” has a nice ring to it, but “reasoning powers” is overly generous when describing Alec’s problem. Fixation, obsessive-compulsiveness, and an extreme case of motivated reasoning might be more apt—he is not operating in his anterior cingulate cortex, but rather in the depths of his amygdala (where so many Republicans live—is Alec a freakin’ Republican?—one who works for a fossil fuel group and is tasked with bad mouthing wind power?). My favorite “boneheaded and clueless” Alecisms:

        He says “(wind turbines are) environmentally OK JUST because fumes don’t emerge from them? It makes no sense”. Really? Isn’t the whole raison d’etre for wind turbines exactly that?—-they generate electricity with no “fumes”?

        and “…doesn’t fix coal mining scars…” WHAT?????????

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