Fires Turn Night to Day on Lake Baikal

September 1, 2015

Description via google translate:

Noon on the lake, as the sunrise on the planet Crematorium.
PZTs.Eto no night is day.
That’s what‘s going on Baikal.

20 percent of the world’s free fresh water is in North America’s 5 Great Lakes. Another 20 percent is in one lake in Siberia, Baikal.

Siberian Times, 27 august:

Russians grieving over damage to magical forests surrounding Siberia’s jewel.

Recent weeks have seen shocking fires around the world’s oldest and deepest lake, home to 20% of the world’s unfrozen freshwater. And after the flames, we can now see all too clearly the desecration of pristine forests rising above Baikal.

Pictures of the fast-spreading fires that we highlight here were taken by Anna Baskakova, posted on 16 August.

Those of the sad aftermath, the evidence of the ruination of the lake’s hinterland, are from Oksana Gromyko, who wrote: ‘We returned to Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay on 24 and 25 August.


‘Earlier we had to be evacuated from the bay on 9 August. I felt I just had to get back. ‘I do not comment myself and I’m not asking anyone to express their opinion.
She captioned her pictures reflecting the distraught feelings of many Russians who love this lake.

We also do not comment.

4 Responses to “Fires Turn Night to Day on Lake Baikal”

  1. Blair Says:

    I wonder how Vladimir Putin explains this away?

    • rayduray Says:

      It’s not his job. The internal affairs of Russia come under the Prime Minister’s administration. And Dmitry Medvedev has been excoriating in his condemnation of the fire suppression efforts at Lake Baikal.

      Prime Minister rages at emergencies’ supremo over fires in Siberia

      • dumboldguy Says:

        A good link, and illustrative of the mindset of politicians. It’s reassuring to know that “settlements are not threatened” by the fires, although many towns “are engulfed in smoke”. I guess that means if you don’t choke to death you should be thankful that your house is still standing (albeit covered with soot and ash).

        Best of all, one of the two comments on the link is from our old buddy StefanthemostDumbest, who maintains that “warmists” are starting these fires to advance the AGW agenda. All Crockers should grab a gas can and matches and immediately rush out to a nearby forest and light it up—-we’ll get them to pay attention to us yet, dammit!

      • Blair Says:

        I was being somewhat facetious because the apologists for Putin think he does no wrong – but thanks for clearing up a few points on who does what there. Regardless, the temperatures and evident lack of moisture around the lake must be worrying for any residents in the area.

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