NBC News: Obama Spotlights Climate in Arctic Trip

August 31, 2015

Weird. “..fossil fuels are partly to blame for climate change..”.


5 Responses to “NBC News: Obama Spotlights Climate in Arctic Trip”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Did everyone catch this at ~1:40?

    “The burning of fossil fuels is PARTLY to blame for climate change” PARTLY?

    And all the yada-yada over the ONGOING “debate over how to balance economic development with environmental protections”? And apparently the fossil fuel interests have a bought and paid for group of Native Americans that is willing to sell out their brethren who are being inundated by SLR so that they can keep sucking $$$ from the oil teat?

    (Methinks the Kochs, the deniers, and the merchants of doubt have sleeper agents buried deep within the script-writing department of NBC News).

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Just noticed that PETER had already caught the “weirdness” of “fossil fuels are partly to blame”. Didn’t see it before I watched the video clip, and got so excited while watching that I jumped right over it to make a reply.

  2. MorinMoss Says:

    In case some of you are not paying close attention to what’s going on with the seasonal Arctic sea ice melt, be aware that after a weeks of closely tracking the boundary of 2 standard deviations, it’s now dropped below that level and is about to match the extent from the previous record year of 2007.

    I can’t say if it’ll drop below that, continue to match it or rebound somewhat but it’s clear that this year is going to be at worst, the 3rd lowest extent in the satellite record and a pretty good chance of being the new 2nd lowest extent.

    Can’t wait to see at what number the volume measurements come in.

  3. redskylite Says:

    After all the meetings and Alaskan concerns and points have been well aired, I’m looking forward to watching the President joining Bear Grylls for climate change TV special . . .

    He looks fit enough for the challenges of staying with the ex-SAS man . . .
    and maybe some entertaining but informational facts will come out of it.

    “President Obama will become the first US president to receive a crash course in survival techniques from Bear Grylls. The visit will be taped and aired on NBC later this year.”


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