News Flash: Chris Horner – Leading Climate De-Nihilist – Funded by Big Coal

August 25, 2015

Irony alert. Leading anti-science attack dog’s funding comes to light in a coal company bankruptcy proceeding.

Chris Horner, (who I met some years ago while soundly thrashing him in a “debate”), is an attorney, who, early in his career, worked for Enron. Presumably, they were not evil enough for him, so he moved on to someplace he could do more harm to larger numbers of people and species.
For insight on what Horner does for a living, see above.

Lee Fang at

Christopher Horner, an attorney who claims that the earth is cooling, is known within the scientific community for hounding climate change researchers with relentless investigations and public ridicule, often deriding scientists as “communists” and frauds.

hornerHorner is a regular guest on Fox News and CNN, and has been affiliated with a number of think tanks and legal organizations over the last decade. He has called for investigations of climate scientists affiliated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NASA, and inundated climate researchers at major universities across the country with records requests that critics say are designed to distract them from their work.

New court documents reveal one source of Horner’s funding: big coal.

Last Thursday’s bankruptcy filing of Alpha Natural Resources, one of the largest coal companies in America, includes line items for all of the corporation’s contractors and grant recipients. Among them are Horner individually at his home address, as well as the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic, where he is a senior staff attorney.

Reached by phone today about his relationship with Alpha Natural Resources, Horner said he would get back with us. David W. Schnare, director of the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic, subsequently emailed a response neither confirming nor denying that Horner or his organizations have received funding from the coal giant. Schnare said that “nearly all” his organization’s donors “request that we not disclose their names” and noted that under IRS regulations it is not required to do so. Schnare also stated that “the sources of our funding have no role in which cases” his organization prosecutes.

Wow. Nothing like a bankruptcy filing to shine a light on nefarious doings of the fossil fueled anti-science fringe…

Lee Fang at

The corporation helped fund the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a secretive nonprofit group that refused to disclose any donor information during the election last year. The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition was the largest outside campaign entity in the Kentucky senate race, spending over $14 million on television and radio commercials to successfully reelect Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in his campaign against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Alpha Natural Resources also helped finance campaign entities associated with the Koch brothers campaign network, including Americans for Prosperity, Themis Trust (a campaign data company), and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a clearinghouse used to fund a range of organizations supporting Republican election efforts. The Institute for Energy Research, an advocacy group founded by Charles Koch that lobbies in support of fossil fuel subsidies and against renewable energy policies, had a financial relationship with Alpha Natural Resources.

The company, with operations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Wyoming, had once been viewed as a coal industry powerhouse. In 2011, Alpha Natural Resources borrowed $7.1 billion to purchase Massey Energy after 29 employees were killed in Massey’s Upper Big Branch mine.

Just days after his reelection victory, made possible with the support of the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, Sen. McConnell announced that his top priority would be to rein in the EPA’s power to regulate coal companies. Alpha Natural Resources considered the EPA rules a top priority as well.


13 Responses to “News Flash: Chris Horner – Leading Climate De-Nihilist – Funded by Big Coal”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Alpha also funded Heartland, so that makes Horner and Russell Cook first cousins in the extended Merchants of Doubt family. Why am I not surprised?

    • Luv it. Still living rent-free in your mind, I am.

      Still waiting on any single one of you to first refute a word I say regarding details I quote verbatim out of your own beloved “skeptics are paid shills” material, and second to prove I knowingly lie and am paid to do so under detailed instructions on what to say, where and how to say it. You had hidden cameras recording meetings Horner and I were invited to, transcripts of them, email correspondence where we acknowledged the talking points we were instructed to regurgitate? Stand and deliver.

      In fact, why not dedicate a specific blog where each one of you contributes a specific piece of evidence that you could frame on a wall as the smoking gun proving this giant conspiracy you all hold so dear? Or are you petrified that the “Western Fuels ‘reposition global warming as theory rather than fact’ leaked memo”, for example, is something that could instead bring down the collective legacies of Gore, Gelbspan and Oreskes. They all love that memo dearly, but did you ever notice how they could never show it to you in its full context or even establish with dead certainty that it ever was officially part of the “Information Council on the Environment” PR campaign? Have you not yet caught that that document and others supposedly related to it are not where Oreskes said they would be? Did you not catch that Union of Concerned Scientists’ recent PDF files exposé of that so-called document ‘collection’ is missing pages, has inconsistent font styles, and doesn’t note that it all came originally from Ozone Action, who themselves never disclosed where they got those from?
      “Two Thumbs Up for this comment!” — Sinclair & Cook

      • dumboldguy Says:


        Same old boring 20-year-old BS from Russell.

        But he made a comment and got a reply, so he has earned his Heartland Whore’s dollar for today. (And I wonder what fellow shill he has recruited to give him that second “thumbs up”?)

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Hey, Russell—–!!!!!! A PS

        I just finished watching Greedy Lying Bastards, another great documentary like Merchants of Doubt that says it all about you and yours and why you spew the horseshit that you do—-greed.

        Fred Singer, Mark Morono, Lord Monkey, Pat Michaels, Senator Inhofe, and many other deniers were prominently featured in GL Bastards. Not you though—-even though you were on the addressee list for Singer’s nefarious emails about M of D, you are a permanent resident on the JV team. Not surprising, since you you have only the same one-note song to sing—–as you have shown us yet again in this message.

        By the way, I will now ask for the EIGHTH time why you were on Singer’s address list. Hmmmmmm?????????????

  2. This is the first of *many* bankruptcy filings, one would hope…

  3. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Ah, so this is the fake tan man…
    The rot goes deep, it’ll all have to be replaced.

  4. […] Elsewhere on this page, you can see that, similarly, as the fossil fuel industry dries up in the US, Court documents from a coal bankruptcy have revealed ugly details of climate denial’s buried bodies. […]

  5. I was looking at Chris Horner’s mug and asking myself, “Who does he remind me of (both in appearance in temperament)?”.

    Dick Jones, VP of Omni Consumer Products in the original RoboCop movie.

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