Reposting: Jeff Masters and Kevin Trenberth on Warming and El Nino

August 17, 2015

Dr. Kevin Trenberth interviewed in December 2014, and Dr. Jeff Masters in February 2015.

Compare their comments then and the developing El Nino and global temperature spike now – and ponder how well these scientists understand the global dynamic.


8 Responses to “Reposting: Jeff Masters and Kevin Trenberth on Warming and El Nino”

  1. skeptictmac57 Says:

    This also shows how false Roy Spencer’s talking point was (from the Varney interview on Fox) with his so-called explanation of the last 14 years of heating being caused by El Nino rather than AGW.
    Just where the hell does he think the heat energy released from the ocean came from in the first place?! It’s as though he expects people to believe that El Nino is some magical god of planet warming that has the ability to create energy from nothing.
    Climate scientist my ass!!!

  2. redskylite Says:

    Carbon Brief reports on a new paper today, that concludes that in future the frequency of extreme ENSO events will increase. That certainly does not suprize me as changes in ENSO extremities has been highlighted as one of the indicators of abrupt climate shifts for a long time now. Dr Kevin Trenberth certainly has a strong handle on the phenomena and teleconnection to the PDO.

    What Roy Spencer, Judith Curry and/or Anthony Watts are saying about the latest maturing El Nino and the obvious upward temperature trend (accompanied by ever increasing CO2 measurements) I no longer have the slightest or remotest interest in. I have wasted enough precious time considering their delaying confusion.,-scientists-warn/

  3. Jeff Masters: “Computer-model skill at predicting ENSO is at its lowest then, in part because of reduced east-west gradients in SSTs across the tropical Pacific [red warming “patches” here: “across the tropical Pacific” –, but also due to factors that have yet to be fully understood.

    Conclusion: Not much we know how THESE El Niño will be powerful, but we know what will reduce – its strength (weakening gradient in SSTs).

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