Bill Maher Monologue on Climate and Wild Fire

August 16, 2015


5 Responses to “Bill Maher Monologue on Climate and Wild Fire”

  1. MorinMoss Says:

    I’m glad to see Maher back in form and hope he sticks around, now that Jon Stewart has moved on.
    For a few years, it seemed that Maher was letting some of the guests run the show but he’s taken a firmer hand the past couple seasons and is quicker to call out ones who dodge or Gish Gallop.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Classic Maher, with as high a “zinger density” as you could hope for. The “take some fire home with you” bit was a bit weak, but the rest of it was top notch.

    (Of course, having the Republicans out there doing what they do makes his job easy, but we won’t hold that against him).

  3. redskylite Says:

    They are also having similar headaches in Russia at the moment . . .

    Prime Minister rages at emergencies’ supremo over fires in Siberia…

    “Russian premier Dmitry Medvedev vented his anger at the failure of the authorities to deal with the crisis. During a report by Emergencies’ Minister Vladimir Puchkov he repeatedly interrupted the senior official demanding: ‘What is being done in Siberia?’

    More than 100 fires are burning on an area of almost 150,000 hectares in Siberia, according to official figures, which critics say often underestimate the problem.”

    • redskylite Says:

      “Huge infernos are burning 138,500 hectares in the Siberian Federal Dictrict, with the Republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk region hit the worst, with 82,700 and 47,900 hectares on fire respectively.

      These two areas border the lake, the deepest and oldest in the world. Smoke from the fires covers the city of Ulan-Ude and the eastern coast of Baikal. Bathers were caked in ash after dipping into in its cool waters.

      Ash also washed up on the lake’s beaches at the peak of the summer tourism season.”

  4. […] VIDEO: Bill Maher Monologue on Climate and Wild Fire (Climate Crocks): […]

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