Lee Kump PhD – How We Know Increased CO2 is Coming from Humans

August 3, 2015

Last month, I interviewed Geo-Chemist Lee Kump PhD via skype at his office, at Penn State University.
Dr. Kump gave an absolutely terrific mini-seminar on paleoclimate, and I’ve made clips from this an important part of my newest video, which will be posted very soon.

In the clip above, Dr. Kump explains a point that often comes up in climate denial disinformation. Climate deniers are unaware that paleo-scientists have looked long and hard at all the sources of carbon in the atmosphere, and understand quite well that human contributions are responsible for the current build-up of CO2 that is warming the planet.


7 Responses to “Lee Kump PhD – How We Know Increased CO2 is Coming from Humans”

  1. Is worth read that “a few years” discussion (unfortunately, some participants already https://noconsensus.wordpress.com/2010/03/06/historic-variations-in-co2-measurements/) on this theme.
    Now I am even more convinced, that we underestimate natural sources “old” carbon, eg: deep upwelling, permafrost etc..

    • Now that was a lot of blah, blah, blah. Wattsupwiththat.com blames atomic testing for the screwing up the measurements of carbon 14. Lots of verbiage to convince the science illiterate.

      Of course, we don’t need old measurements if we simply start 35 years ago when we had sophisticated measuring techniques and then measured the ratios of carbon 13 and 14 in subsequent years. Then we can go back to the old measurements.

  2. There’s an even easier way to verify that humans are responsible for the rise in atmospheric CO2 — simple bean-counting. Simple f*&!ing bean-counting!

    We know that humans are putting over 30GT CO2 into the atmosphere each year. We know that humans have put over 2000 GT CO2 into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

    Converting those numbers into PPM in the atmosphere is a straightforward high-school homework problem. For an on-the-ball college-bound high-school student, it’s a slam-dunk easy homework problem.

    But unfortunately, it’s far too complicated for Dana Rohrabacher, the Vice Chairman of the US House Science Committee, to understand. I tried to explain it to him via twitter/reddit, and he just didn’t get it.

    Here is a link to one of our twitter exchanges regarding this matter:

    Here’s a link to the detailed explanation of the junior-high/high-school explanation that I provided to Rohrabacher: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3ehwqz/iama_congressman_dana_rohrabacher_for_californias/ctfamhk

    If you take a bit of time to trawl though the timeline of my exchanges with Rohrabacher, you will see that he didn’t even begin to grasp any of this. He simply didn’t get it.

    This shows how far the USA has fallen — NASA is now being forced to answer to (and beg for funding from) a complete blithering idiot!

  3. redskylite Says:

    Someone please tell the vocal minority, people are beginning to notice the changes, like more frequent floods, drought, fires, food/water supplies, dying marine life, disappearing glaciers. You just can’t cover it up anymore …

    People in Kashmir have noticed … …. … … …

    “There have been 11 cloudbursts in Kashmir during past few months. Now this unusual natural phenomena is becoming ‘normal.’ The frequency of freaky weather is increasing. Clearly, this is an indicator of climate change and has affected fragile eco-system here. People will be deeply impacted by it,”


  4. indy222 Says:

    “Complete blithering idiots” is far too kind. “Completely corrupt blithering idiots” gets closer.

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