More on Why Climate Will Count and the ’16 Campaign

July 27, 2015

Major climate initiative announced last night by the Hillary Clinton campaign. One of a continuing series of signs that Climate Change is now going to get the kind of attention it deserves in a national presidential debate. Unfortunately, in this battle of wits, only one party, the Democrats, so far,  is coming to to the table armed. We’ve had some recent statements by at least one big Republican donor on climate, but as yet, only Lindsay Graham, polling below 1 percent has been prominent on affirmation of climate science.
Climate Progress has a helpful, if long and depressing, rundown on the Republican side of the climate debate.

Here are some statements by other major candidates. Above, Bernie Sanders talks climate on the Bill Maher show.

Below, recent comments showing that candidate Governor Martin O’Malley understands the geo-political context of climate change:

Happy to update with more candidate statements of if anyone is aware of them.

Below, Senator Graham.


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  1. […] season, Climate Change looks like it will be, for the first time, front and center in the debate. Bernie Sanders and Martin O”Malley have laid out strong stands on climate, and in the last week, Hillary Clinton, still the likely […]

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