Clinton Weighs in as Climate Moves to Center Stage in ’16 Campaign

July 26, 2015

Above, Hillary Clinton heckled on climate at a New Hampshire town meeting.

She apparently sees the utility of moving strongly on climate change now, while GOP candidates are hopelessly mired in the troglodyte dynamics of their primary process.  As 2015 develops into another record temperature year, the real heat will be on candidates who have no clue, much less program, on climate.

Wall Street Journal:

AMES, Iowa— Hillary Clinton on Sunday offered a preview of her plans to combat climate change, pledging to set high goals and build a clean-energy economy.

At an organizing event in Iowa, Mrs. Clinton swiped at Republicans who question the threat posed by climate change and said she was serious about addressing the issue.

“Those people on the other side, they will answer any question about climate change by saying I’m not a scientist,” she said. “I’m not a scientist either—I’m just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain…I know that if we start addressing it, we’re going to actually be creating jobs and new businesses.”

The Clinton campaign is expected to release more details about her climate policy Sunday evening, and she will deliver a speech about her plan Monday morning in Des Moines.

Mrs. Clinton has previously characterized climate change as an urgent threat and has voiced support for President Barack Obama’s executive actions to limit carbon pollution.

She has stayed silent, though, on the question of whether the Keystone XL pipeline should be built, declining to weigh in on what has been a contentious yearslong debate. Mrs. Clinton oversaw the Obama administration’s review of the project during her tenure as secretary of state.

She made no mention of Keystone on Sunday but called for an emphasis on generating more wind and solar energy. Mrs. Clinton called for a rebalancing of tax incentives, which she said are too heavily weighted toward fossil fuels.

“Our politics are imprisoned by the past,” she said.

Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders have been unequivocal in their opposition to Keystone and have made climate policy a central component of their campaigns.

Still waiting for details which are supposed to appear any time now on the Clinton website.

12 Responses to “Clinton Weighs in as Climate Moves to Center Stage in ’16 Campaign”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Peter, this is big – I think it’ll be your next post!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Powerful stuff—-she is going to bury the Repugnant “non-scientists” on the climate issue. She is also strongly putting forth her ideas for restoring the middle class, and they are in opposition to all that the Repugnants stand for. See article in Saturday’s WashPost titled “Clinton outlines plan for middle class jolt”.

      I called the 2012 election for Obama early in the year when the Repugnant “debates” and primaries showed that they were engaged in a race to the bottom. I’m calling 2016 for Hillary even earlier—-the only question is how many Senate and House seats she can pull on her coat-tails. There may be hope for the country (and the world) yet.

      • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

        As I’ve been saying for years – the hole the GOP dug for themselves by denying climate change is finally going to implode on them with a satisfying ‘crump’.
        If ideology can’t allow doing the right thing at the right time, then it is broken.

        • Earl Mardle Says:

          Its kind of the point of ideology; to enable those who don’t want to do something, to have a justification for it. Pragmatism can at least respond to changing circumstances with changed priorities and new actions.

          And yes, I do realise that the far end of THAT scale is triangulation and poll driven opportunism rather than actual leadership.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          I myself am hoping that there will be many more (and even louder) “crumps” from “ideology implosions” on the right. The party of dying old white men has dug themselves holes on immigration, guns, women’s issues, taxation, campaign finance, environmental protection (other than on climate), health care, gay rights, economic inequality, minimum wage and fair pay, education, and many more that I could come up with If I thought about it some more.

          You can fool some of the people all of the time, etc, and I hope I live long enough to see the day when enough of the people decide to get rid of the “foolers” and set this country on a path to progress.

          In the meantime, I am tempted to coin a new phrase here and call what we face “right wing/conservative/fundamentalist idiotology”.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      good call.

  2. Details are now there! Includes video and fact sheet.

    Strong on renewables. Still needs to address putting a price on carbon and reducing use of fossil fuels.

  3. Also, no less than FIVE posts on her Facebook page. Could use some comments supporting her plans on renewables and asking her for further plans to price carbon and reduce use of fossil fuels –

  4. John Says:

    Reblogged this on jpratt27.

  5. petermogensen Says:

    Bernie Sanders comes of a lot more convincing.

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